pub rules

our house rules

bullying awareness
Like any business establishment or social venue where people from many different ages, species and background exist we must be aware of negatives. For reasons we still are a society trying to solve the bullying issues. Speaking out in negative terms about sex, race should never be tolerated in modern society. If you hear of social issues from individuals or groups don’t confront them – just remove yourself and/or group from the situation. We as a society will then try to help those people/groups with negative views.

Everybody does not want to talk to family and friends about life’s problems. That’s why many of us head to the local for a few. It’s our therapy session. Unfortunately, doing a session in a public place allows others to listen in. Everybody, does not want to go online as discuss. But, reading about the commonalities of life issues can help. So, reading our weekly or a post maybe your session.

Everybody has experienced some form of problem that has brought them down to the local. The break up. The new interest. Those bad divorces. The lose of work. Relocation for work … etc. Lets allow time to rest before before we openly discuss issues. Perhaps wait until the individuals want to make a comment. Please, don’t initiate the issue from second hand information. That’s super annoying, folks.

public exposure
We are not going to mention names or display media content without the consent of anybody or their business. All characters will be based on real life experiences without any identity to an actual person or business. We are purely documenting the commonalities of what makes the human race so interesting and entertaining.

public house
When you are in the ‘Public House’ you are making a public statement about yourself or business. We learned many years ago to present ourselves appropriately around people because you never know who is watching or listening. Some of the best business ideas have been planned on a napkin. Today we call that networking. Our intent – is always to spread goodwill to everybody and be as helpful as possible whenever we can. We will stay out of your way, open a door and always say thank you. Remember folks – you are in a Public House – have some respect.

For the love of God folks, it’s not you it’s just our imagination. Imagination is a story based on paying attention to reality.  A life lived is a story waiting to be told.

different folks, different strokes
If you have been around the block a few times you will recognize the obvious observations everywhere in life. In fact we discuss the obvious at locals around the world, daily. Some observations become news stories, movies, songs, plays, books … or websites. Some folk like a song’s lyrics because it reminds them of something. Some folk like watching a movies for the romance. Hey, some folks watch reality programs despite living a reality.

We have been through this movie before and aren’t really keen on being in another high school musical. If you want to enter into our world you will have to play by our rules – no games. As our matter grays the ability to handle both the new and the end of relationships becomes easier and easily avoided. This content is best served to an specific age group – the been there, done that group.

Despite warning from the regulars about the flirting girl or cheesy guy, soon enough someone becomes effected from a mismatch which leads to a difficult ending that affects us all. Mix-Match is not only a bad idea it doesn’t work. We all know about those folks who would be a good match. One of the great celebrations down at the local is when we bring two people together.

tippage – If you know a real flirting girl and real cheesy guy – introduce them.

Is there anything more funny than reality. Relationship reality is probably the most funniest. If your 16 year old kid is going through their first break-up, it’s a lot more stressful on the parents than the kid. Because people are completely insane when it comes to whom they like and dislike. The ups and downs of a relationship is like clockwork and so predictable – it’s just down right funny stuff.

tippage – Put some humor in your life and relationships, family and friends will be a whole lot easier to tolerate. Laugh a little, Love a lot.

comedians – The content on this site has been used by comedians to bring a laughter in a full house. We laugh at things in life we can all identify to and relationships are the funniest things.

the help
We have learned from our mistakes. Asking people to provide input into a fun project can turn sour. It’s unfortunate that outside influences can effect an individuals ability to contribute socially to a entertainment web project. However, we always need new character names, and scenarios or recent funny breakup stories. Please, generalize the story line for all to appreciate and not drag your ex through ringer.

Folks who go out to let off some steam. Hang with others. Toss a few back without hassle. Catch-up on some chatter. Grab a microphone or pool clue. Every regular needs a few locals in the neighborhood. Variety is the spice of life. The regular is the best contributor to our life sessions. Please, share your stories and/or observations. Please, stay unique. Please, don’t change … just be regular.

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