pub games

what would a Pub be without it’s games …

what would life be without games? probably easier.
we have worked in the service industry for years and there is so much to observe and converse about we just thought it would be fun to turn these common sights and sounds into games. after all aren’t many of these commonalities amongst people nothing but a game.

games people play – they write songs about this stuff folks.

high school musical
references about this are fun to use – and will be used.

what we have done is described in our own words and lingo the nuances of people trying to catch the eye of someone or perhaps take flirting to another level. of course some of you just are vary open in your mannerisms.

we must admit we do enjoy the odd pub games – darts, pool, cribbage, chess, perhaps a game of golf.

when in a pub do what the locals are doing. softball, hockey, golf tournaments are solid events to play as well.

we will just keep adding the old cliche games to the blog as we notice them. the funny thing about these mannerism games – they are played around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year in every country in ever language. you begin playing the game of life when you are a kid and some people keep playing.

a good social game can be fun when explained well …

perhaps we should play a game?

when new games are posted, we will keep them online as public viewing for about a week to allow for feedback. after that we will turn them off – private. they will be edited and used for da book. we don’t want other peepers to get any good ideas with our original thoughts – know what we mean? know what we mean?