learn the lingo a go-go about the phrases, terms and jargon, yo, yo …

local – down at your local, having a cuppa at the local, throwing back a few with the girls at the local. the local is your friendly neighborhood public drinking/eating/entertainment facility.

sashay – you are exactly right – it’s about going up on dance floor and shuffling your feet to the beat for no-particular reason. occasionally combined with a very brief wiggling of the hips.

oh, god i hope not – the answer to the question “are you singing or dancing tonight”

hottie patootie – physical appearances work for you.

cutie patootie – someone who makes you smile back.

collector series – rare indeed. however, these peeps combine both traits of hottie patootie & cutie patootie, simultaneously.

parentals – [the p’s] owners or general managers of an establishment. essentially we are all acting like kids and they look after us. but, when they leave – whoop!

speed – people who don’t have a nickname, don’t want a nickname and can be easily bothered. Hey speed, thanks speed, one more speed.

junior – people that are at least half your age. searching for their segment in life. having lots of fun finding out what’s up.

princess – any female that is younger than you and has just done something nice. after that, use her real name again. if you forget her real name – buddy.

buddy – anybody that has done something for you – comb your hair, wash your car, served a pint, mowed your lawn, any of your in-laws can be buddies. The list goes on and on ….  or you just forgot their name.

dude – can refer to anybody. however, the dude is usually a male that has just made a discovery of something not lost or has already been discovered. dude you just figured that out – it’s velcro man!

bubba – like a big kid, or like a adult with a kid’s mind. which in hind sight isn’t that what all adults think of themselves. it just that Bubba acts that way in public.

cooter – bubba’s best friend and the smarter of the two. cooter can’t fix anything but is a natural salesman. edit –  cooter thinks he is a natural salesman.

weirdo – that is the odd ball who sits at the end and talks to staff for no particular and then writes about it. well meaning harmless bloak.