book of Bar

a little some, some thing about pub-ing it.

a simple book in a very non-traditional format that will be sold at public houses around [local to begin] the neighborhood. if will feature stories and funnies that everybody whom has set foot in a pub would recognize and find enjoyable.

using stories to paint a picture of the problems and concerns the modern society is going to be faced with through alzheimer’s disease. our family is currently dealing with 3 cases including one of my parents.

games people play
we have used a common catch phrase to describe what happens in any pub | bar | lounge after a few beverages and the right crowd. commonalities amongst the people – nothing life altering. we just describe the games in a funny statistical way.

sporting reference
we love the sports at the pubs – soccer, golf, hockey, football, rugby, baseball. we also like to compete with a chance to win a prize – we all have a competitive edge to us. but, alzheimer’s disease is something that we are not winning at any time soon. watching your favorite team lose a game over several hours is tough – for a few minutes. watching someone lose the battle of life over several years is devastating – you cant’ walk it off.

most of the stories are complete and we will be seeking a few more fun fill-in pieces of artistic thoughts to finish things off. january is alzheimer’s month – we would target that as the release date.

all the pubs | bars | lounges that have helped us discover this reality of a disease and have taught us how to cope amongst good friendships over that pint.

join us
if you wish – sit down and have a chat about what we can do about this disease. we need hospital beds, nurses, doctors, medications, equipment, councilors medical transport, extended care units, home care personnel … the list is extensive. help us if you can.

expect sarcastic humor, belly laughs, tearful thoughts, memorable moments, a little art and photography to lighten the mood.

recipes from Beyond
anybody that knows me, will understand. beyond reference being that i don’t think like the normal bloak. it’s not that i’m wound up to tight. it’s more about being wound in a different direction. i learned all the traditional methods of drink prep and presentation. i have different version of most drinks. i have the same cosmic twist on food. recipes shared here will be one-of-a-kind originals and beyond.

thanks for reading, yo