the pub

welcome to the Pub servation online …

we are read in over 50 countries weekly.

english speaking countries dominate the readership.

the pub culture is staggeringly immense and global.

our intended audience is anyone old enough to visit your local pub.

those folks who have been around the block a few times.

i would think the over 30 crowd might identify easier.

we will try to keep things fairly clean.

we are not intended to be offensive just the typical pub talk and fun.

we will continue to provide more details on the disclaimer, terms and agreements as required.

please read the temporary white papers for ‘the pub servation’

Conversations and Observations noted throughout a week and compiled while having a pint at the local. Everything we note and post on this blog is very familiar to anybody who has ever sat down at their local pub for a beverage and snack. We are not inventing anything that nobody hasn’t already been heard, read or watched. We are however trying to put a humorous spin on the human side of life as often discussed amongst the people at your local public house. Consider the Sociable as a week in review as summarized over a beverage.

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