weekly Tweets #38

weekly tweets from december 31st to january 6th | 2013


Hey! hava happy ..

well, no ahhh … no, repeating some of last years mess. that’s for surely mcBob. yep

i’m also assuming some of you characters are going to be a little dizzy this eve.

europe & africa, hava happy.

just chomped down on the inside of my mouth. nothing but first-class here folks.

up and at her first thing. full morning of indoor out. and ready for th’safta .. really? no

the verdict. still to early to predict anything logical may or may not happen unexpectingly, yet

as one watches the child’s forehead atop the bat and spinning until dizzy prior to a directive seems a fitting summary of 2012

zero cadence to this week. none so ever. weird as all. yet comfortably numb

[psst] freckles

a smiling complexion.

composed confidence captivates. her audience awaits.

congruously compatible complexity. with patience

contemplative conception continuity. sitting pretty

a frown defines her thoughts. he smiles knowing. all is well

so, here’s the daily dealy mcBob. motion perpetuates kinetic mind kiss. wrap your medulla around that thought process.

fitness. a figure of speech

been out and about, this .. fine now

seemingly sorted. that being said. shall we ..

and you. superb indeed .. really? no

[psst] weirdo a go go, sup?

splash swirl empty. over ice stir. bruise, no good. strain. three skewered. serve .. you finish

way better. the best of better. betterness. betterfull. not bitter better. just way. whey no. weigh no. by the way. better. as in way

the now-ish issue. when a word resonates a phonic tune about you

the subtle nuance. when a lyric whispers a chord of seance

the harmonic balance. the composition of complete with patience

the symphonic arrangement. when we are are on the same page as constant

was gonna say something. forgot. so i tweeted. yah

different QB. oops #wildcard

read option. this will be good. #wildcard

faith hill. bonus #wildcard

run it in rodgers. wth #wildcard

well. there you go #wildcard

missoni. ray lewis. nhl. lockout. missing plane. nfl. wildcard. ray lewis. did i miss anything

@Seahawks there you go. well done #seahawks

@rickygervais gorp. good word

edgewise. yah







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