weekly Tweets #37

the weekly tweets from december 24th to decemeber 30th | 2012


getting close to that christmas time folks. jingle jingle

sooooo …. the cold weather starts in january. this is just practice i guess. how lovely

cautiously present. somewhat aware. unknowingly concerned. faculty limitations. however, hot bean beverage is helping. this a.m.

this is a wonky week. i also anticipate the next to be equally as wonky. time will solve

thursday yah. fargo. good movie. there you go

wellsy dellsy. i’m done like dinner. the a.m. then

now that friday has arrived it seems like two weeks since the last one.

completion is indeed a satisfying ordeal. with one item off the list of many, we are ready for what’s next. really? nope

i got a couple things crossed off the old listy, folksy. so, there you go

don’t have a pet monkey. don’t dress pet monkey up. and most importantly, don’t take dressed-up pet monkey to ikea. #whatiLearnedin2012

your decision as a contributor in life’s journey is based on help or harm. which path have are you on #whatiLearnedin2012

beef stroganoff. yep. and yum

wondering when weekend weirdness will wither away. perhaps later today

and oddly enough things do indeed seem to be sorting. as rushing messed up last. the practice of patience shall perfect

i think tonight should be an early sitting. yes, that would be good for this eve

interesting the boys on the desk are picking cowboys. romo bouncing back after a loss makes sense. watch & we’ll know #SNF

the air wars with RG3PO and Hands Romo #SNF

whoopsy daisy #SNF

Word! good word

and there you go #SNF

@SNFonNBC just have to listen to the interviews at the end of the game with @TafoyaNBCSports #SNF

as you were. i’m done for now



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