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pubservation weekly for December 31st to January 1st | 2013

Scenario, yo
This year I will write more about the business world in the weekly pubservations. As usual I will continue to explore the world of news makers who are committed to make the world a better place. Also, expect new comical multi-media about the industry.

Mixology Psychology
The food and beverage related website directories are starting to get crowded. We now have an entire foodies culture of followers. So, this year my focus will lean toward the industry itself and those people who are creating new directions.

The social media sites catering to the foodies is growing ten fold and super accessible in multiple formats. Today, we have manager and review sites all combined with directories, tasting and recipe opinions. Unfortunately, the smart phone is also used negatively within the industry; something we should discuss. The people in front and behind the food and beverage industry work hard and it would be of no service to establish a similar style site. This year we will focus on educating the public about the industry and perhaps this  may help other businesses with a few tips.

There is never anything good that results from a discussion between politicians and business. Unless, the politicians benefit from increased voters. Last year Alberta and British Columbia started to make stride towards allowing wine across the borders but Alberta politicians shut the option off – British Columbia voters don’t count in Alberta. Two politicians whining over wine.

I often get asked about my part in the internet-osphere. My answer is the business development side. I started at the beginning when they originally started connecting several universities together to increase the collective thinking powers. Technology and the internet then connected industry with finance. Eventually, this all morphed from the retail point-of-sale machines to the current e-commerce sites.

Last year around this neck of the woods a teacher got suspended for giving a zero to a student – made zero sense. The student handed in a blank paper and deserved a zero. Our education system is a little messed here. The public and unions vote the necessary people into positions. Do we really know who these people are? I have heard a lot of good alternatives to restructuring some of the delivery methods from students, teachers and parents. Education is a tax payers product. The tax payers should have a little more say than politicians buying votes by throwing money at it.

Healthy finesse
This province is still in a lengthy medical debate. Politicians again are throwing money at a broken system to buy votes. All the conversations begin with blame and end with excuses. Eventually, the parties in charge rephrase the problem and suggest a new round of inquiries. Talk about first world problems. Maybe everybody should visit a local trainer; grow your own food; learn how to cook and we will probably eliminate 3/4 of the health issues.

Genetically modified foods. Whoever thought this was going to be a good thing was only thinking about the financial gains. Science is a powerful tool except when placed in the wrong hands. Digging deep and getting the hands dirty is the healthiest way to eat. For those of us that can’t have fresh produce daily we have to rely on retailers to bring product in. The costs of which are determined by gas increases, labour shortages and the weather. Pollution and the destruction of agricultural lands has caused tremendous harm to the food systems. So, we produce artificial food inside a greenhouse, modify it to grow faster and feed the masses. Suddenly there is a line-up for healthcare again. then repeat grow cycle …

So, there you go folksy
My journey this year is to document the food and beverage industries from the business side. hey, just the facts jack and tip your server ..


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