pubservation weekly for december 24th to december 31st | 2012

what have i learned from last year’s internet audience. the world has made great strides in communication and technological advances that have become the dichotomy of the help and the harm factors. so, here’s #whatiLearnedin2012.

the help factor
i learned that science and math are the foundations of everything we have discovered and have yet to discover.

i learned that the next gerneration of main stream media uses the advice from online experts seemlessly in their reporting.

i learned that broadcast media using technology to communicate with their audience are winning the airways.

i learned that age has no bearing ones ability to adapt into modern technology.

i learned that virtually every business model and educational format will benefit from technological advancements.

i learned that the internet has created the model of social media as business.

i learned that fund raising online has become a career path.

i learned that an idea can become a business with committment and responsibility that can offer employment to those not willing to take the risk.

the harm factor
i learned that not understanding science and math as foundations is the primary limitation in personal growth.

i learned that mainstream media with their followers can spread misinformation faster.

i learned that mainstream media dislikes people who are experts in their field and chose to write about it.

i learned that gossiping youth will likely become the gossiping adult.

i learned that the bully kid usually has a bully parent.

i learned that the stereotypical individual would label any person seeking to improve themselves and/or others.

i learned that some folks believe that profit from pollution is better than profit for protection.

i have learned that employees will complain about the employer whom took the risk to start a business that helps drive our economy.

in conclusion
i learned that after 20 years of constant growth and change via the internet world we still need to improve. we must continue to share our similarities and set aside our differences. our biolgical common denominator is our species and our planet. that is what we should be discussing online … and that’s #whatiLearnedin2012.



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