weekly tweets #36

the weekly tweets for december 17th to deecember 23rd | 2012


Q) Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba A) this day or we’ll accept Speedy Gonzales

cold. blustery. [haven’t used that word for a while] i repeat blustery frigid cold winter day with smattering of snow.

[psst] i’ll tie your skates

The quickest way past the anger … was to do nothing

the said, double fudge cupcake with white chocolate frosting was indeed …. delicious. sprinkles too

no fancy pants cupcake naming here. i’ll have the dirt with snow version. top left. two please

so, here’s the dealy mcBob. when you’re wheeling around in your pocket looking for enough cash for a couple C-cakes. $20 for 2. no good

here’s your cuppy cake. box and bow. “where’s your C-cake?” oh, i already ate two at the …

what kind of cupcake did you get? “same as you” no you didn’t.

who’s garland? Judy

Madge handling the bills behind the C-cake counter had no clue. couple lads in the line chuckled with content. $10/cup toss us a joke

i feel like i ate two humongous cupcakes. Madge at C-cake counter is having last laugh. no good

hard to imagine on a cold, frigid, freezing, frozen, arid, icy, keep your bits & pieces covered. the forecast is for colder weather.

of course the delight of a blue sky this time of year is the convenient height the sun rises. blinding when driving in one direction.

so, you turn down the road heading into the sun. pull down the sun visor and that note you were looking for this summer falls out.

just when you figured how to set the electronics in your vehicle. the sun visor latch has been redesigned from the early simplicity.

“hello” hey, jack frost here. hey, old man winter. when are you going to lighten things up ’round here. people are calling me jack frozen

so, here’s the dealy Mcbob – turn off your car when shopping so we can see where we are driving in the parkade. no good

this ikea monkey business lady is a little bananas. no

badda bing badda boom badda badda bang a gong. get it on. yep, haven’t the slightest

slowly getting on the good side of those couple C-cakes i whistled back the other ..

so, here’s the dealy mcBob – permutations of ‘get it on, bang a gong’ by T-rex and robert palmer are sounding in head

well. i’ll going to try and keep tomorrow a short day

noticing that things have to be done at home or not. of which that not being an unknown. yet, dependent on the at home things. weird

first part morning just flew by. now it’s just dragging it’s ass around. all the while trying to avoid the coffee crash and burn. that

january 5th yet? nope. another half hour. k

guess i’ll have to find other things to keep busy with. til then

fyi – that gift you are scrambling around looking for was available in all sizes & colors this november when you weren’t as busy. weird eh

ask the most panic stricken people in a holiday lineup “when is next christmas, anybody know” #HolidayShoppingGames

humor would come in handy ’bout now. feel free

recipe: moose milk. 3:1 ratio rum to brandy. mix with eggnog. mix a batch for fridge over night. stir. grate fresh nutmeg over. serve

a saturday night edition of monday night football. there you go



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