mary’s Fiscal christmas


the pubservation weekly for december 17th to december 23rd | 2012

scenario #hohoho
who knew this birthday party thingy would just end up as one big expense. gifting that you cannot right-off on the business or personal tax filings. all other expenses pertaining to religious denominations seem to have some sort of deduction limitation. why not right christmas off the fiscal cliff.

mixology psychology
yo, joe. you and the little lady have started something that has become bigger than the event itself. hey, i’m all for sharing in the christmas spirit with the lads hanging out at the local watering hole sipping some nog. but, this gifting game has become to fiscally costly. you know what i mean joseph, #hohoho

i know what complete strangers have bought, while i’m still not sure what anyone i know got. hey, everybody have a look at this photo of the gift i’m buying him [shhh] don’t tell anyone. hey, just in case you were wondering – i’m size [?] like this color and prefer yellow over white gold. instagram photos coming soon.

weekly tweets #36 [click]

retailers should not have to go through this ridiculous spending spree just because of baby he. to be fiscally proper a business must be consistent with tangibles to manage year round. hiring staff for seasonal work is great for students but terrible for part-timers and full-timers as scheduling becomes a christmas nightmare.

why not drop the taxes for holiday spending and for any type of gifting. if i have to buy gifts for a religious dealy than i want the same tax free gifting benefits. this makes absolute fiscal sense to me and we would all spend a little bit more. i know that i can pay cash and get a discount greater than the tax but the retailer still has to pay taxes. i think start-ups, small businesses and lower income individuals must get the tax breaks. all fiscally responsible corporations and honest high earning individuals are always willing to pay their share.

healthy finesse
eggnog, here’s a fattening beverage at 310 calories per glass. splash some booze and you got some serious fiscal calorie overload. that doesn’t stop every food and retailer from adding a eggnog treat or ten to the menu – which we all order and drink or eat. how about the person who doesn’t have time for a workout but has time to shop or vice-versa. btw – the snow shoveling workout is not a fun one especially the random unannounced couple times a day circuit training.

she says … he says
did you see my instagram gift ideas … nope

blogging, yo
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