weekly tweets #35

the weekly tweets for december 10th to december 16th | 2012


the daily dealy Mcbob. warmer. white as all …. yep. warmer.

days when words are seem amiss. righted only by nature’s kiss. a snowflake

acts of random has freed the cerebral platen return. writer to type

“excuse me, mr Mcbob”. here’s the daily dealy.- not. sure.

“repeat that again” dried roasted beans “i’m following” grinded and then you pour boiling h2o over & serve in cup. “sold, i’ll have one”

honey? “you mean in the cup. sounds fabulous. please. elaborate this, honey”

that bold flavoured bean ground medium to retain oils enhanced by distilled filtered water gently dripped over farm fresh honey. please

when shopping and holding a coffee cup you notice garbage cans are abundant and convenient until you finished your beverage. that

here kid play with this cup

diddly dee diddly dum what’s that banging on your drum. pa rum pum pum pum

[psst] i thought about you

i prefer nice people. yep. everyone has their quirks

i also would like a group shoulder shrug. which is pointless. equally useless. however, knowing that you are doing it while reading this ..

do something to make yourself better. if you can’t than try to make someone else feel better. which will make you feel better too

bitter betty betting better be better because bumbling bob becomes bitter. too #stillWeirdhere

Q) faster than skiing the Hahnenkamm, Kitzbühel. A) this day

[psst] hey, you

everything seems weird in the past few days. i’m missing that common denominator of continuity

a-hippa-hippo-cratic-oath-opotamus-campus. episode [or a day to reflect]

i’ve been hippnotized by a water horse

♫ i want a hypothalamus for christmas ♫ go ahead sing-a-long

the glue that holds the fingers together. is that how it goes.

good evening folks. lets have a look see at this young eagles quarterback

it’s after noon

work hard. nap hard. hey! that’s what i always say, jack – Si

RT @pubservation: bitter, party of one. bitter, party of one

saturday morning in mid december. white noise mistakenly identified as a lawnmower. coffee comes to mind.

defined: hypothetical hypnotic hyperbole hypothesis. layman terms: trying to think

wondering why words wander into my medulla oblongata while swinging a pendulum. he tweets

an outside day. yet, not yet. soon though. perhaps later. inside now. outside is always better. on any given sunday



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