stuff a Stocking


the pubservation weekly for december 10th to december 16th | 2012

scenario #hohoho
approaching the last week of shopping. with last minute scramblers randomly buying for no-particular. probably texting and eating from their vehicular. spending the numbers way beyond what they should quantify. we’ll have to wait until after christmas to justify.

mixology psychology
some times i should just stuff a sock in it. #snl skit about the conversation you wish you didn’t start at the christmas party or the argument person you sit beside at dinner. in a nutshell that was my week of stocking stuffing talking turkey.

we all know the world is full of wackos and social media is continually helping to prove the point. i use social media to connect with like minded individuals or share about – you know, insight into the world we live in. however, social media gets weird when people think it’s a real community of let’s hangout, really? online? as opposed to shaking hands and have dinner friends.

weekly tweets #35 [click]

white papers have become increasingly more important the last few years. intellectual property rights and privacy policies are coming to the forefront of social media. i remember writing those early white papers with legal departments who didn’t know much about the broad reach of the internet. unfortunately, even today there are still folks that find it easier to build a business model from ideas found then create their own. equally disturbing are those who ignore the legals we try establish. online theft

95% of the people we interact with through social media – you will probably never meet. also, if you want someone to stuff your stocking at christmas – you should practice good behavior january 1st and not december 15th.

healthy finesse
the weather really isn’t cooperating around here. skating, skiing or general outdoors activities becomes a challenge when the wind picks up. cycling is out of the question for me this year. try running the neighborhood when nobody shovels or plows the walks.

mental health
both online and offline bullying is often at the root of mental health illness. observing the actions of some people online and offline always makes me think about how they interact with others. social media gangs are not limited to young people. there are plenty of private/hidden/protected accounts that are used to generate hate towards a individual or group. practiced and pointed phrases used during youth becomes second nature as someone ages. by placing timely responsive words into premeditated ploys are abusive and should not be tolerated. so, instead of lighting your fire, try to light up someones life by being nice. ho ho ho, yo

brushing the snow off her shoulders you open the door. a chime rings gently alerting the staff. the last snow flake melts on her rosy cheeks while you pull the skates off your shoulder. only a corner spot is left comfortably by the fire. unfashionably over-dressed with heavy sweaters, scarfs and mittens dangling from over-sized coat pockets slump over the chair backs … you finish

she says … he says
what do you want for christmas? … you

blogging, yo
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