weekly tweets #34

the weekly tweets for december 3rd to december 9th | 2012


shoveling snow at 5:45 a.m. why shovel you ask? because it’s to early for power implements. no good

led. letterman. heart. foo. happy

yes, the back room to your left. the box marked ‘whoopsy daisy’ take what you need

i repeat it’s rhythm not rhyme. i repeat it’s rhythm not rhyme.

to be consistent unselfishly provides stability. it becomes the strength we sometimes need to lean on without asking or saying thank you

eleven plus one

[psst] you can have mine

best described as feisty. la fiesta feast festival featured condesa

scary elevator prank http://youtu.be/7N5OhNplEd4  soooooo, good

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay. My, oh my what a wonderful day!

fine. hurry back

don’t, I say don’t bother me dog, can’t ya see I’m thinkin

lines to limit. color to control. shades to shape. contours to characterize. tones to tighten. darks to deepen. sign to frame. me to you

choke turned off. idle is steady. lets proceed, shall we

working on new funky dunky hunky dory glory kinda magoo for you. day

as two paths of understanding never cross. the periodic proximity provides the passive wave

[psst] always

minds collide. molecules cohere. matters cause. masses critique. when.

perseverance in all ways.

and if you would hold the door open, i’ll heel & toe out. snowblower time. later

layman terms: upon agreeing to disagree both parties continue their separate ways

the head nod: when both parties acknowledge the final outcome of which neither are completely satisfied. a gesture draw if you will


fine. just once

the option thing. can we go over that list again. you mentioned the options

the best things in life have less options. quality is already there

quality has bonus. those subtle surprises that unknowingly improve ones outlook

duck dynasty. love … those words anyhow

one of those back room meetings. i love it miss … #duckDynasty

and there is the connection. when you have a fellow like Si on your side. you are happy. happy. happy

yuppie kids are losing out. move along nerds #duckDynasty

people. why don’t you understand how good it is to be with all you other people. it’s a great planet. lets hang out. be happy. happy

together, let us make tomorrow better. tomorrow

yesterday’s tomorrow is today. move forward people

two people types.defined by the spelling. no or know.

the morning dealy mcBob … it’s friggin cold icy and nippy. not roasty toasty comfy or cozy.

mosey or sashay. when the horses go nay. over to the sleigh. we’ll jump a board. and go for a ride in the hay. this day

i have yet to determine if i am consistently unpredictable. or not

i’m having problems with my daisy’s going whoopsy. this a dot m dot

people rule: two lessons in life to learn. people and yourself. learn about people and you’ll learn about yourself.

gee whiz, i must apologize. as i cannot recall the last time we had a hippie hippie shake. perhaps the safta

the snow, I say the snow’s so deep the farmers have to jack up the cows so they can milk’em

[psst] you are priceless

front cover of freezing cold magazine. here

here’s the dealy mcBob. A) i would prefer snow to be snowblower depth. B) novelty of neighbors new snowblower has ended. C) no good

it’s so cold outside the weird neighbor took off his __________ before hanging christmas lights #matchgame

a cold december sunday morning. yep, living in the arctic

sunday. footieball. and faith hill. is it christmas #SNF

for goodness sakes gentlemen. put on a long sleeved under garment #SNF

a game of running quarterbacks always delights. unpredictability #SNF

game highlite catch. for. sure. #SNF

@SNFonNBC good halftime report. you handle it very well. kudos to Dungy and Costas #SNF

surprised they aren’t running more. cold slippery weather is perfect #SNF

@tafoyaNBCsports love that 15 minute clock rule for lambeau field. #SNF

well then. the morning comes early



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