pack the Malls


scenario, #hohoho
we have begun to count the days and those past ways. knowing if we have been good or not. no excuse in saying we forgot. the man in the bright red suit won’t slide down the chute. write your letter and hope for the better as you might just getter. #hohoho

mixology psychology
isn’t it funny that we tell the kids to behave or st. nick won’t give a lick even if you were sick. rules are rules and we must all oblidge. practice what we preach or teach, just do as you’re told say the old. the entire month used to have that good cheer feeling but, now it seems limited to the last few days. anyhoooo …. time to pack the mall. #hohoho

the messages on social media are still in limbo. no one has committed to the complete christmas cheer message. we are sharing the issues with busy parking lots, traffic jams, and packed malls. i have read, assumed and seen your content. i have not shared my content with you folks because it’s exactly the same. to the mall … [psst] i’ll take pictures when i’m in the jewellery store, nobody will know.

weekly tweets #34 [click]

electronic sales and sales electronically will be up again this year. the generation of young folks whom are growing up with this technology is also growing exponentially. old school mail, snail mail or email – whatever your wish. however the real santa is at the mall. the only person sitting down and at the front. #hohoho

we know that most purchases are researched online well before any financial commitment. transitional times in the electronic world as every year the age of consumer is decreasing while online sales are increasing. next year evaluate your online product mix and determine if you are selling to whom you wish or whom would buy – what is the larger market of the two ?

healthy finesse
the fitness bandwagon is just around the corner. i have yet to see an interesting campaign on keeping the ‘new year’ client into the new year. for any one who is really committed to getting stronger and losing weight you probably aren’t the customer the fitness industry needs to focus on. i’m always interested to see if anyone has found an alternative solution to the quick fix and quit people. that would be the ultimate fitness challenge.

turkey shift number two is coming up, folksy. gobble gobble

how about watching ‘miracle on 34th street’ (1947) edmund gwenn, maureen o’hara, john payne [click]

she says … he says
we did it! we did it! we did it! … it’s always we, when it’s good

blogging, yo
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