a Winterful life


the pubservation weekly for november 26th to december 2nd | 2012

scenario, yo
we choose to stumble or gracefully fall into the arms of december’s snowy white pillows. whether shoveling mad or shopping glad i assume it has piled from your 11 months of bad. i think we can take a reprieve from those thoughts and focus on the young tots, after all it’s a winterful life

mixology psychology
the past eleven months have come and gone so fast. the bells dinging out the past year replaced with heads ringing in the new year. a time to celebrate the season and the continuation of our lives as seasoned. we should be learning from what was and move forward with what we have – ding dong sing a song to that ..

how have you been behaving with christmas around the corner. will you remember that it’s not about the last few days leading into the gift giving day. it is about how have you been socially compliant with cheer. you will receive what you gave this winterful life time of year.

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i started doing functions and special events when i was still a grade schooler. i still get asked to arrange social gatherings from time to time and attend them. although not really interested in doing so, i am interested to see if anyone has new ideas. we are in the christmas party season for both spouses or significant others. business, friends and family all want to join in the festivities. but, i am more drawn to the well done, simple and detailed than re-cycling a old theme to modern twists.

have you noticed how many charities are doing the same thing. if we all collectively helped one group at a time instead of celebrating all the independent actions for notoriety we may accomplish more each and every season. BTW – buy that extra toy, mitts, toque, parka and or boots and donate – making someone warm this christmas will warm your heart. and if you don’t tell anybody what you did – that’s the perfect gift.

a young child pre-schooler asked her mommy if there was a job for young people. her mother asked why. the child responded “because you always say food is too expensive and i would like to help”

children learn at a young age. they listen and learn about the family troubles. it’s so sad this time of year to hear that. i’m speechless 😦

the gift of animals and clean water to sustain a families needs. i like this approach to world hunger issues.

time to update the passport with all the new jingle jangle blah blah blah feature creatures. ePassport option is now available. eEverything is available. but, does any of this eStuff work right? remember your international drivers license might have to be updated. also, read the fine print before traveling people.

how fast are you traveling on a busy snowy icy roadway that you cannot react fast enough to avoid flipping your car – 4x. i enjoyed the comment heard recently on the radio. “be patient with us folks just trying to stay safe and arrive home to loved ones; maybe one day we will be professional rally car drivers like you”

the photo i use for these posts gain much interest from the … well, you know. the photos are there to visualize the overall theme and not any individual aspect of/or hint to … blah, blah, blah.  just a photo, folks – just a photo.

imagination test: try to apply your over-reactive imagination in a positive manner and guess the movie for this week.

she says … he says
let’s take a cab to the christmas party … yes. yes. yes.

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