weekly tweets #33

the weekly tweets for november 26th to december 2nd | 2012


la da da da dah. la da da da dee. la da da da do. la da da da doe. morning, yo

i have decided. i have felt better

a tale with no end is a story i don’t want to start. yet i feel i’m apart

the infinitive definitive of living life.

daper dan dictating doppler data

knock knock. who’s there? K. k who? exactly

☑ ⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨ ♫ ☎ ♫

3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 [hunger by number]

Archimedes Pâtisserie

i’m leaning towards the panthers, folksy dolksy

a delightful toss up the middle for 6

tripped up.

i repeat. a delightful toss up the middle for 6

don’t pay attention to game for a few minutes and the other guys go ahead. no good

but, newton’s panthers pounce to produce. happier now

i’m thinking another delightful toss up the middle should do the trick

it seems another bottle of whine has been uncorked

hockey smockey. these people have to get their game together.

if you think infinity then my thoughts count

[psst] forever?

if someone pokes fun at your writing style – you’re doing good. if they copy your writing style – they’re doing bad

in choosing the right words. it’s not that i don’t know what words to say. it’s that i don’t know how to say the words. so i write ..

your dealy mcBob for wed. morning shower good. morning shave seemed fine. morn coffee indeed. hand touches neck & missed beard. no good

snow here now. time to pay attention. later

kinda sorta not so much this snow stuff. probably closer to concert time or rush hour time. that would be timing

she didn’t show up in class today 😦

[psst] gonna bring a frog tomorrow

why did the frog cross the road? some mean little kid super-glued it to the chicken.

thinking: never knowing, never hurts, never does. however, wondering what if lasts forever. thought

so, let me just say. i love the duck dynasty family. sir paul music. and all you weirdos tweetin smuck .. there

the dealy mcBob. sir paul tunes wheeling up and down the medulla there tweetums.

i have comfortably reached the conclusion that no one has a clue as to the direction i have yet decided to take.

come on come on. spit it out. or perhaps i’ll just tweet about. wait for it

there’s something about the letter-W today that keeps whirling ’bout. a theme perhaps

wind wishing ways as the world turns. we wonder what was

design is the art of comprehending all relevance to solve a solution with harmony to the senses. it must flow effortlessly with ease

the intelligence behind a design solution will not impede or intrude but simply introduce you to everything else

design words to flow with linguistics and phonics to provide a natural cadence to your voice. a word puzzle i enjoy solving by design

you should be at eleven. that’s the number of thoughts i had of you today. also the number of new tweets and current time

life is a journey to discover what you want with the tools that you have. we then dig deeper within to find our treasure. to whom to share

the answer never lies on the surface. and fishing is not a solution. you must get wet

[psst] open this

imagination. what are you thinking

excuse me “do you have any whoopsy daisy”

i have extra snow if anybody wants

sooooooo, willy & billy from the hilly with jilly & milly justa shovelin & shaken sayin chilly on the dilly, silly

go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here – jack nicholson voice

cold as ice these ladies. screaming at each other with sticks and stones in the house. curling people

doll. yep

at this particular point in time of the ball game, the L-horns aren’t looking so good. you knowzy dozey

and the L-horns have herded this corral. ee-i-ee-i-o

its a wonderful life. this 12.01.12




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