weekly tweets #32

the weekly tweets from november 19th to november 25th | 2012


an afternoon of mundane on this day

i think i just took a break from being tired until being tired returned. tiring stuff

iconic. tire iron. fire iron. firing. ironing. tiring. all ironic

definitely a backseat day, this. later

hello. san fran who? the giants .. you want what? you want our help. you want our help coaching from the couch. oakie doakie then

The Salvation Army http://wp.me/pHyea-vv

i don’t endorse any doctrine of specific groups except at christmas these individuals do ask for a charitable donation. i will do my part


this – missing: quirky, snarky, funny, sad, emotional, storied, people living & loving while sharing rhyme and rhythm in harmony ..

.. but that’s just me

well aren’t you just a cup of tea

the lady rolls into a standup routine

as explained prior to. all-inclusive. top to bottom. with a flair at the end. or simply. indeed

those introductory or conclusive lines that inform you the direction in which this conversation may or may not lead, depend on. those

just put your hand up if this is going over your head. it may stop and sink in. condescending chaff case study

here’s an idea. those countries that are supplying rebels. tell them to stop or place sanctions on them. let’s start at the top

of course being a country that supplies raw material to manufacturer weapons to sell to rebels isn’t exactly … well, you get the point

decadent displays of chocolate sculptures. while impoverished nations harvest with child labor. seems a little over the top, no

the indeeds. have you met. mr. and mrs. yes, indeed [an example of empty fill-in between political chaff; which will resume shortly]

just a coincidence? or just well planned? let’s investigate further into this condescending chaff case study

this. believe by suzy mcneil [music break]

that. it’s not the similarities we share. it’s the differences we don’t.

enough for now. later gator

on another note: bing crosby – mele kalikimaka. just sashayed into the old medulla oblongata

not hot here. he tweeted

parched prior this well of feelings facilitating a whelm over. between the hours of happy. the establish meant

[psst] gobble gobble

sooooooo, thanky panky hanky spanky wanky wonky hunky dunky dory doo to you too

[psst] let go my lego

steamy. steeping. sweeten. on a cold snowy eve. a cuppa tea for me

the only good reason to ride a bull is to meet a nurse. nite all

morn, yo. something weird about this dayyyy-o. daylight come and … you finish

theme today has been sorted. build something special and share it. that’s good

… and then. toboggan

i see people who just want to be out and don’t need to be out are out and about and in the way. this day

hunkering down. settling in. diddly squat. absolutely sweet f*% … none so ever what. at this particular point in time of the ball game.

the squat brothers. diddly and daily. not a lot of activity in that household

they dated the over sisters. bend and lean. an odd grouping indeed

i thought i was finished with the food thing until everyone tweeted steak pics. a picture worth a thousands scents

most of the bits & pieces seem to have arrived. a few minutes to sort. then we’ll give this a day a go

so, trying to get ahead so i can watch some footie is aaahhhhh ummm is ….. yeah, that

49ers heliocentric play. kaepernick goes clockwise into end zone for a sixer with a kick to the stars for a sevener.

and a lovely catch by the saints, indeed

this should be a high scorer. meanwhile chargers and ravens are pretty much doing squat

here’s the dealy mcBob. weeks where teams you like play each other. sucks.

a little tossy into the end zone there breesy. that’ll settle up the 1st

a little kicky poo annnnnnd we’re square

copernicus. kaepernick. get it. it’s a joke folks. i made a funny reference. nope, k … get it K. K [freaks]

san diego is charging

the saints go marching in



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