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the pubservation weekly for november 19th to november 25th | 2012

scenario, yo
the person who can make us change is not always who you would anticipate. the seed of though can come from anybody and usually when someone has a viewpoint from the outside it doesn’t take more then a scrape of frost to see the picture clearly. show us that view through your eyes – help us cultivate constant change.

mixology psychology
it doesn’t matter where the content comes from or what the purpose is behind the thought. but, it really is the thought that counts. sometimes it’s the youth behind the thought that engages those age old questions we have being dodging. change is good

hello social world. i am going to record up to #52 weeks of tweets for this pubservation weekly – 20 more to go. some of the tweets are used to create some of the weirdly written posts. so, not all tweets will noted on the weekly.

oh, yeah – what’s the deal with those peep cultivating creeps who read your social media comments. life is far to busy and interesting to give a flying farm fart about what other creep peeps do on social media. i’m busy enough doing real stuff, let alone worry about what someone else is doing. creep – good word.

weekly tweets #32 [click]

all i have to say this  week is alberta should have a new reality show called the ‘real housewives of alberta legistature’

the RIM characters seem to have an interesting product to release in the new year. i can only assume they were smart enough to solve the legal issues with nokia first. blackberries are still the best for work tools. however, the transition for many people to the apple and samsung platforms may not see these folks returning. the stock was cheap and it’s still rising so that’s okay.

those teacher people taught us to be consistent, original and expect the unexpected. so, i started a funny little ditty about what a kid would say [basically, me as a kid] during class to fellow room mates. on occasion i will add a opening phrase, closing phrase or both to help explain the meaning behind my little ditty. i am trying to continue the little ditty theme over time – if i remember. it’s my little soap opera midday to have fun with. i like to think it puts a smile on their face – and i like that thought.

healthy finesse
i follow a few fitness folks to keep updated about the industry and current trends. some folks really push the same old same old by retweeting or linking to content and content – blah. the fitness filter is sharper some days than other. the strange part of this fitness tweeting is when the interesting original folks keeping things light and personal and fresh all the sudden stop tweeting. aghhh – where is my fitness regime reminder folks. i have become used to my daily ‘get off your butt’ or ‘ this is what i did today’ tweets.

the weird fitness dichotomy of maintaining consistency in your regime is absent from telling us to keep ourselves consistent – what? what he said.

farming, yo
the other day a beautiful young couple in their mid-thirties were explaining about their organic non-modified food products. they are also ‘green’ farming with hydro and solar. recently they added a greenhouse component to compliment their tree farm. yes, they both wear cowboy hats, wranglers, boots and plaid shirts. a long ponytail for her and short flat top for the him. oh yes they have kids. cute as you can imagine riding in the wagon. every person that saw this loving couple speak were absolutely in love with them and wanted the farming lifestyle. except they also all admitted that they are to lazy and farming is too much work. honesty, makes this whole story even better – doesn’t it?

you might want to note this movie for some nightly viewing when you get a chance over the holiday season. ‘The Constant Gardner’ 2005 with ralph fiennes and rachel weisz – who is now married to #007 daniel craig. [click]

she says … he says
what you read here is usually a funny exchange between myself and some. if i like the humor in the wording i will ask to use it. everybody will say yes and usually have many more to say. on occasion i will remember something from the past and reference it to a current event just to compare to the readership demographic. so, here are some twitter handles that are based on exactly this.

@damgirlquotes @shitgirlssay @corniequotes @zooeysiri @slashleen @girlrhymes @itsreginag

blogging, yo
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