weekly tweets #31

the weekly tweets from november 12th to november 18th | 2012


ahh, such promise of humor & bliss for this a.m. has morphed into a meaningless methodological morning of micro management. haha, no

so, here’s the dealy. plan the day on the day before. because you never know what you feel like the next day. a self-prescribed syllabus

you know some companies actions are news. so, when they plan ahead – they are actually planning what we’ll read as new in the future. yep

where am i going with this crap

on a more positive note – b sharp

seeking your frequency; this may help f(n) = (sqrt[12]{2) {n-49} x 440Hz

[psst] sorry

wellsy dellsy then, what’s tuesday going to bring us. breakie – done. coffee – as i type. annnndd …

just lost a tweet thought, anywhoo. daydreaming during lecture – word to thought of mindful moment in time

this. perpetual normalcy absenteeism continuum disorder. as afflicted by

powderfinger – my happiness [good song]

[shhh] can you hear that. that’s the sound of weirdness creeping back into my cerebellum via the medulla oblongata highway

the smell of fresh brew. hot and in your cup. except to hot to handle or sip and nowhere to set it down. people everywhere. move. move

you might want to double wrap that cup, there alice. the last dude is not looking comfortable with his particular beverage of choice

nice touch with the door, bubba. next time try to walk through and holding it open. means of egress, impeded with hot bevy in hand. no good

the beginnings of humble. it’s the place to be. a new start

as mentioned before and will likely mention again. normal is several doors down. knock knock

who’s there? cow’s go. cow’s go who? cow’s don’t go who, they go moo! – ya, big dummy

knockity knock knock knock goes the clockity clock clock – you just looked at the time

nothing says dumbass, like doing a live interviewing of your home team coach and telling him/her that you cheer for the other team

i would have zero problems wheeling back a hamburger as we speak. he says. followed by tweet

plugging away here. btw – i saw it, heard it, read it. and i like it

be milking this day

separating the cream of thoughts

a homogenization of ideas filling the creative process

we should celebrate ‘the human life’ not ‘the human race’. a race ends

the a.m. then

just heading down to the square with the boys to throw rocks tonight – honey, did my other sports coat come back from cleaners. what?

those mornings when you sit in the coffee shop and watch every Cliché in the book. sketching scenes. writing words. yep

comparing notes from city café around the world. common denominators of our classification. why is there war

have you ever been at the check-out counter in a grocery store and buy the groceries for the person behind you. i have

i poke fun at first world problems all day long. when i see bottled water on the store shelf i think about the child who goes without

a judo chop chop chop

just having a looksy daisy ’round

last week was about getting caught up. today is about staying caught up and getting ahead. easier tweeted than done. anyhooo ..

sunday. evening. good

not that i pay attention but, somewhere randomly between 6:21 and 6:23 p.m i have noticed the faith hill program begins

pittsburgh bumble bees

that’s right matching toques

toque [ˈtōk ] -a small hat without a brim made in any of various soft close-fitting shapes. wool is nice. pom pom top too

now the baltimore uniforms are boring. change at the half

uncle ray lewis gets the most camera time. playing or not #nfl

interesting helmet solution. concussion issues in every contact sport now being discussed. good stuff #nfl

settle down or to your rooms gentlemen #nfl






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