War & People

the pubservation weekly for november 12t to november 18th | 2012

the small few of us who are simply trying to make the world a better place are finding this uphill struggle increasingly more challenging. a battle between condescending chaff and cultures teaching the next generation on how to hate one another.

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young people are getting hurt by those parents who are teaching the next generation on how to hurt other young people. this is just another form of bullying; global bullying by war & people.

traditional, electronic or new media has put a face to this dichotomy of global destruction. we know where these people live and now we can see it live. the creativity and intelligence of a few people allow you to read this on some form of technology. while, others use this technology to do harm to others. technology is now within the modern war & people.

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do you think about those few people working selfishly to find solutions to world peace and help improve the lives of our planet. do you think about those few people who use the science, math and technology to harm our planet. do you think about what the lack of food and water in the future will have on our planet vs the effect of war & people.

the entrepreneur who employ and give back generously vs the business who piggy-backs on the entrepreneur. technology is truly a marvel of mankind that should be used to better this world.  yet, it becomes the center of a news story everyday because of how it is misused. the cost to nations for the misuse of technology is starting to drain the world’s economic tank. we live in a modern world of business war & people.

i always try to watch, listen or read about those people who make a difference or those who helped define a generation. the november 11th episode of 60 minutes had a great segment on the jobs available in the united states for the educated workforce. the segment i liked was; david mccullough talking about the education systems in the world. i agree wholeheartedly as i just wrote about that very topic a couple weeks prior.

winter time you know. it means sunday soups or stews. shovel the walks, watch some football and create some food. the recipe today is from a few weeks back.

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may i be so obvious to suggest the 1956 movie ‘war and peace’. [click] like last weeks movie this one also has audrey hepburn. maybe there would be more peace in the world if everyone watched it. this sense of wonderment of the world’s people and it’s natural beauty is not being passed down to this generation of war & people.

just the facts folks
they say that you know when you are on the right path in life when everybody talks about you. it means you started a discussion.

condescending chaff
what is a nation’s response when another nation launches an assault.what is your response when someone launches a verbal assault at you. defense against war & people.

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