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the pubservation weekly for november  5th to november 11th | 2012

we are in winter’s grip. it took one week to transition from fall to winter. with mother nature providing amble product to practice and perfect the removal technique of choice . meanwhile we should probably be working out indoors more this winter. pardon me while we excuse your shoveling of ..

mixology psychology
shoveling snow or shoveling shit – same exercise. there are days when they both seem to pile up. one will melt and go away while the other just stinks and stays. i don’t know what was up last week, but we seemed to have gotten dump on. next time i’ll hang a sign – excuse me, i already have enough stuff to shoveling.

so, i started doing this #goAheadLine3 thingy on twitter which i run with for a while. i also started tweeting the standard #oneLiners #pubservation we have all heard over the years while working or visiting any food and beverage outlet.  i have added the tweets that aren’t found on the weekly tweets to weirdly written post. [click]

weekly tweets #30 [click]

what a week in the world. canada’s corrupt conservative government goes on it’s own agenda and forms a one-sided business deal with china. the middle east is an absolute mess and war is imminent. state side has some stability with world, thanks to a successful election results. however, the bozo’s on the other side of the floor will do everything to make the government fail. which means everybody fails. a bunch of shit shovelers.

turning a blog into business is certainly an interesting decision. will the readership turn against the idea or applaud the concept. i know many bloggers have been very successful at finding ways to monetize their product. sponsorship and partnerships are a perfect start for the start-up.

are you kidding me. parents can remove their kids from a schools remembrance day ceremony – for what, you don’t like freedom. you are willing to move to a free country but, you won’t support the founding father’s efforts. why are all these religious groups shoveling  our way. if you don’t want to go then don’t go and we don’t need to know your dumb excuse. shovel it to someone else.

healthy finesse
i miss not living in a warmer climate. looking outside while it’s snows and thinking today’s exercise is shoveling. social media folks tweeting their fitness regime procrastination from warmer climates. i am always curious to the stretch and warmup conversations from those warmer climate weather folks. the clothes and gear that is required to run or cycle in the winter is expensive & technical. most important is knowing what you need and how to use it.

why are the people who don’t do fitness activities so fascinated by blue sky and sunshine. they only look at it behind a window for the few hours of daylight we receive up north- zero sense.

there are people who for whatever reason are simply not able to get outside and sometimes never will again. so, don’t wait for the sun and blue sky to get outside – get moving.

take a chance and tell her how you feel. be a doll and fill the gas tank after you wash the car. like that?

take a chance and tell her how you feel. okay, i think your team stinks. like that?

today, do something you normally wouldn’t do. it will stimulate you to be better at what you normally do.

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