weekly Tweets #30

weekly tweets from november 5th to november 11th | 2012


so, wake up. scratch your head. crawl out of bed. have a shower. smell like a flower. eat whatever. coffee to go. hey, monday, yo

i’m singin’ in the rain. just singin’ in the rain. what a glorious feelin’. i’m happy again. and a doodly-doodly-dooy-doo-doo-doo

oddly, i prefer to follow those with less followers as opposed to just being another follower. make sense? yeah, didn’t think so

utensils in place. approaching food shift number two. annnnnd we’re a go

blah blah blah blah blah, plegh

whelmed, as in over

in layman terms: the planetary gearset’s final drive ratio is clearly not matching the differential in altitude to reach wednesday’s peak

gmc pregame launch as we speak

football lingo that makes no sense. “there’s a couple big names on that front line”

when vick huddles – that’s called the dog pound, right #nfl

philadelphia’s playing with a little bark tonight

saints get the ball. they’ll score

atta boy. through the middle

they got the ball. they scored

the running game

yeah yeah yeah tuesday

kinetic potential

j. jonah jameson


weezy, where’s my shoehorn?

you know i could ah … i could that for ya

thanks for sharing. but, my policy is not to let strange people hold my laptop bag while madge’s purse has wheels and a pull handle

it confirmed. it’s not the 1960’s anymore. welcome to 2012

i need a sandwich if we start sharing monty python theology. but i am hungry

coulter. i thought she got blown away by sandy

do you think romney will have an empty chair beside him

j. jonah. jameson

kinetic potential moves forward

the obama’s look like a couple in love. the romney’s look like a forced breeding project #justsayin

what the world needs now is love, sweet love. it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of

it’s all good. night, you

gas price war. excellent. winter weather. not excellent. you go fill it up, i’ll stay here

and check the wiper fluid while you’re at it

diane sawyer. atta girl

breakfast barbecue. i like it

you know you never knew who you know until now. you know

right off the cover of snowblower magazine

to all you flat-landers that can’t grasp the concept of why west coast traffic slip and slide. ice, hills & physics – do the math.

what’s the point of living in a redneck province when you can’t take your snowmobile to the rodeo. no good

hand wave over head

we’re going to need a bigger snowblower

annie’s – interesting company. they say no to GMOs #BNNY

tanger outlet centers – interesting company. an expanding retail portfolio. anyhoo, something to watch #SKT

to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world – author unknown

it’s a snowy day. so, i’m going through my notes from last month and crossing things off the list. sharing the bits & pieces with you

although, just as easy to type – sweatTweets doesn’t resonate the same as sweetTweets. fascinating [spock eyebrow raise]

the colts have having some good luck tonight

for those days when you forget a have or have not – i thought i’d toss in an extra. go ahead keep it

dude there’s no ball in your hand – what are you doing. oooh, practicing

a lovely toss to absolutely nobody

[shhhhh] big bang theory

the lads in the black garments seem to have some momentum

funny men things now

super duper hooper pooper dooper rooper snooper scooper thing a dealy doo, you

back to your rooms, then. we’ll convene here in the a.m.

cinna.minna.munna.mona.mon bun

let’s go with the special blend this a.m.

[psst] let’s play outside


We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, – Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

i had [had] visions this a.m. of walking the winter wonderland shopping district. you know – coffee, comfy wear, boots. that.

badda badda bing. badda badda boom. badda badda bing boom. nope, k

pooched. absolutely

on the front cover of ‘crap your pants’ magazine #esk #cfl

time to shift gears into sunday evening mode. perhaps a quick heel toe. nobody will know

san fran vs st. louis – crazy game

back to normal [phew] i was wondering when

[sa·ti·at·ed] it’s always that one last bite. well, third extra bite … fourth. the fourth extra bite always fills

of all the things we carry, a thought weighs the most

those people who fought, carried our thoughts

those people who ask that question, which takes a load off your mind. how did they know that question.

the calm side of the argument answers by listening. i like that

a week of stories. some never told. some never finished. a day to remember. this

tomorrow will be good. we’ll do something fun. the a.m then




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