A Basque Culinary Experience with San Sebastian Food

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Cooking with San Sebastian Food – Basque Style

To be honest, I was a little nervous.  I had signed up for an evening with San Sebastian Food to learn more about Basque cuisine.  I knew that there was a strong influence of seafood, but in all honesty, I can be a little fussy about what I eat from the ocean!

Basque cooking class at San Sebastian Food

I am not a big fan of my plate looking at me – something about my food watching me upsets my over active imagination and sends me into a guilt trip!  How was I going to cope with the assortment of fish with faces that greeted the group as we entered the kitchen?  Would the smell of all that seafood send me running from the restaurant?  I have been known to have an oversensitive nose – even when the fish is at its freshest!  With not one but 3 chefs…

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