weekly Tweets #29


october 29th to november 4th | 2012

i’m going to report on hurricane weather in gale force winds while flooding waters rise … what earrings should i wear #girlproblems

you do know you’re standing in thigh deep water

i always like to prove the truth. unfortunately, those that can’t see it will never see it. that’s the truth

if you’re thinking what i’m thinking, you’re right

once halloween is over things will improve. to much preparation is wearing. thursday about now. better

i need less of everything and more of something i don’t know

alice! you still have those tickets to the moon. might need them today. thinking ’bout taking someone along

i’m missing the common mind. the uncommon is becoming too familiar

steal, cheat, lie, deceive – this drains the creative mind yet fills us with ideas. our art is that process. our expression

the later part of this tuesday seems to be conclusive to the earlier established controversy as tweeted

yo, boo

upon becoming a functional member of the human race – i find that we need a break from these festives. to get real stuff done. to catch up

the truck backup light and audible sound combo as costume. clever

the rain-soaked and wind-swept cnn reporter with hoop earrings as costume. newsworthy

i want to scare the crap out of the neighbors dog. [whistle]

a skunk should do the trick

imagine living in a country where another country decided to cause the same damage or worse on purpose rather than by nature

with all the problems in the world caused by ppl or nature and tonight i’m handing out free candy. something is wrong with that picture

perhaps we should be matching the foolish spending on halloween with a donation to the red cross thursday morning

whatever happened to the orange #unicef boxes we assembled halloween day in class for a collection of pennies. i liked that

yep, just tooling around. 5pm to 8pm is neighborhood shift. then they hit the malls and haunted houses. it’s waiting game now. happy 8’s

in fact for none other then a reason to celebrate. the beard growing shall commence for #movember shortly after the hour eight

lululemon lady across the street has the special coffees going again. pleased

although, somewhat low key on the decor front – the neighborhood seems fit for a good haul by the little ghouls. no weak links to report

@williebosshog 4 kids dressed in camo and wearing beards and sunglasses yelling trick or treat at my door. i gave them double

not much of a candy person. on the other hand i write foghorn leghorn lines about pretty much anything. balance

full pillow cases dragged across the snowy lawns leaving trails of content.

jack-o-lanterns wink there final few as dwindling waxy wicks do

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow. In Flanders fields – Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

throwing snow like it’s free

taking a snort from a nice sterling silver mickey flask full of whiskey. shake it off. say thanks. then wonder if it’s been cleaned before

after owning several decanters and receiving a new one – clearly these people think i have staff at the house. use it. clean it. shelf it

“how long did you let the wine breathe for?” i tossed the cork into the furthest garbage can “fair enough, cheers”

so, i’m on the moon the other night having dinner [as one does] cheese was great. can’t recall cracker brand. enjoying @winebcdotcom

Cock a doodle do! What is my dame to do? Till master’s found his fiddlingstick, She’ll dance without her shoe.

Little Jack Horner. Sat in the corner, Eating a Christmas pie; He put in his thumb, And pulled out a plum, And said “What a good boy am I”

write a nursery rthyme today that will be commonplace in 100 years. then share

her excellency had exceptionally eccentric excess baggage. her burden we carried

looking down to his right he wrote. his reflections read

no no mow your face, just continue the growing pace. only shape or manicure, while we fight the prostate cure. #movember

small minds thinking they’re something. while a poppy grows

i gotta stop tweeting ideas while writing ideas. not a good idea

jewellery buying mode. absolutely dutely weirdly

when jewellery shopping. have a budget. stick to budget. retailer will adjust. start early for best selection & price. don’t tell anyone

jewellery stores will finance. deposits should be fully refundable. ask about making a few payments. you have to be sneaky. cash is king

there is more to a jewellery store than just jewellery. timepieces. fine china. crystal. pens. you know, heirloom stuff

this day’s dragging like an old muffler

you sold a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity to an unlicensed cephalopoid, Jeebs, you piece of shit ..

okay homey, i keep it right downstairs next to the snowblower ..

oh, great, right in the pie-hole… now nothing’s gonna taste right!

i hope you don’t mind. i hope you don’t mind that I put down in words. how wonderful life is while you’re in the world – bernie taupin

funny the things that go through your head – i like that

neither here or there. the middle of things. dazed and confused. busy within belief. so the list goes. that. now

ever had a shower to wash away the problems only to run out of hot water and the problems return. and you’re wet. get the phone ..

those random arguments when the other party is not up to speed with issues. their defense is saying “why” like a 5yr old. yet you answer

that millisecond of time while someone knocks on your door and you think about winning something instead of someone selling something. that

thinking the unfathomable while shoveling snow – i wouldn’t mind mowing the lawn right now. while imagining the smell of fresh cut grass

the first saturday in november 2012. i know what i was thinking. and now so do you. have a great day and weekend. back later

as the evening sets. so shall we

what’s that saying again ‘saturdays are meant for catching up with life’ or my version ‘realizing how far behind you are’

must. stop. following. football [captain kirk voice]

geekage. soupage. runnage. and the faith hill show later. should round out the sunday

feeling an hour younger

kate bush – running up that hill [song in head]

enjoy the day. later gator

[shhhhhhhh] one eye on the game

homeless boy steals the talent show – i like this


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