numbers Sandy blew

the pubservation weekly for october 29th to november 4th | 2012

scenario, yo
these big storms are getting bigger. it doesn’t matter where we live on the planet, we all seem to have our own terrible weather. the big storms have effected everybody with the global economy. kind of like the bully or annoying person, or the weakest link in an organization. all i can say is that sandy blew because of high water temperature.

mixology psychology
i remember checking my work schedule to see who will be on my shift. it was the best when you worked with the people you got along with. i also liked it when the manager or owner would schedule me on their shift – well, not at first. eventually, after hours they would explain – they wanted to teach me. i like that. learning the numbers game.

diners club
i couldn’t believe what i heard. annoying people making reservations at restaurants and not showing up. with a little forensic work those individual can be traced back. it’s all in the numbers people, everything is about the numbers.

the social media platforms can be used for great marketing and networking tools. the down side of social media is the bullying and how many different ways to misuse the platforms. facebook friends can privately plan a harmful game against a business. although the initial harm that will be done, the numbers will lead us back to whomever. stay safe and friendly on social media, please.

weekly tweets #29 [click]

do we just sit and wait for the election results or go out to the local watering-hole and have a pint. the world is on the edge of their seats awaiting the results. the false wars and financial fallout has hit the globe hard and will take time to resolve. reversing the trend back in favor of the unworldly will be devastating.

busyness – the numbers game
when you inherit a debt that is growing larger than the revenue stream – you have a problem. you have two simple options. reduce unnecessary spending and increase income. income for a government is in the form of taxes.

world economies work on three simple principles. natural resources, manufacturing and distribution. when you enter the business environment you will soon understand these principles.  all of these basic principles will be interwoven through vertical and horizontal integration. but, that’s for another time.

healthy finesse
i have been living here for a few years now and i just found out that the alternative health professionals don’t have the same standard of training compared to other provinces. so, now they want to cut off some health care subsidies until the professionals accumulate the required hours. the registered massage therapist will be hit first. why wasn’t this put in place years ago with the other provinces. this province is so far behind in many things.

well, here’s the numbers dichotomy – the government earns more taxes from foreign investment than from having healthy citizens. yet, citizen’s have to tax-up to pay for health care workers going on strike. so, isn’t is cheaper to education preventive medicine methods? why, yes of course it is – try to convince the government who receives votes from those striking healthcare workers. a whole lot of hot air blowing around this province and the greedy cycle of unhealthy numbers.

christmas music in november. please wait until we’re closer to christmas or at least wait until after remembrance day. i want to be able to sneak into a couple shops and have a look see without being in a forced christmas mode. the lights and sounds seem way to commercialized. i tweeted some tips about jewellery store shopping. hey, guys these stores are a dream. all three sectors of industry – natural resources, manufacturing and distribution. also, security, clean, friendly staff, polite, the glass of wine or beer, maybe a scotch. fully wrapped and boxed gifts. ask for courier service to office or your business as needed.

hey, pay with cash over a few weeks so she doesn’t see the credit card charge. remember, sneaky weird hours so that your better-half’s best friend doesn’t see what or where you’re going. whether you buy jewels or heirlooms – these are the only items you will purchase that will last forever. price does not determine the the longevity of any item. budget, store , buy, wrap, done like dinner.

how about watching breakfast at tiffany’s. you know the story and who’s in it. [click]

what the hell
it’s half silk, half linen, half cotton #wth

oooh, that wall is missing. wonder what kind of earrings she’s wearing #wth

the other table
i always change restaurants at last minute. it always foils her pre-plans “that’s good, i’ll have to try that”

what you’re thinking
the hamburger is friggen hot and these plates aren’t getting any lighter, so put away the phone princess and tell me who ordered what.

she says … he says
fill this in later …

blogging, yo
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