weekly Tweets #28


fish & chips with ..

reading. nothing interesting. back to grindstone

[psst] what are you doing ?

not hot here. nope

recognizing she balances you. i like that

the ying and yang, yo. the ying with yang, so. that’s good too

oh, wellsy dellsy then. can’t do everything in one day. sleepy

i’m anticipating turning off the auto-pilot around noon today. will try to manually bring this week to a safe landing.

annie lennox & al green – put a little love in your heart. [song in head] no hee hee-ing, you. it’s gonna stick around all day

let’s sashay into midday with a heel & toe, heel & toe, slide, slide, slide

i think they should give these ball players a couple days break between games .. so, i can have a couple days break between games

so, how’s the food. “we’re just waiting for our utensils” #pubservation

the pickle that gets in the way of the pickle you had your eye on. what pickle did you take ..

choke is off. little more gas. we are stable at idle

holy smoly. silly sally & wally wingnut posting massive photos, 100’s of words to my [whistle] m-box. a summary will take us to your blog

i would anticipate a theme to my madness today, to which i have not incurred the relevance. patience shall provide

you’re gonna have to jump to catch these ones. put your gloves on. or wait till the ball falls and run over and pick it up – that’s lame

smart, silly or stupid. that shall be the theme today and perhaps the weekend too, as we stumble along

serious friday or what? it’s like all the tweeps are applying for news jobs. it’s friday lighten up

neighbors dog wants more chocolate, again

laughter is some pretty darn good medicine

oakie doakie hosey posey

nin·com·poop/ˈninkəmˌpo͞op/ Noun: A foolish or stupid person [good word]

kiwi fruit. avocado. capsicum. scallion. fennel. grape oil. juice of blood orange. season. over your favorite seared fish. [as one does]

in essence, graphene is an isolated atomic plane of graphite

bbn video. graphene http://watch.bnn.ca/#clip793063

at this time yesterday i felt better

graphene’s high electrical conductivity and high optical transparency make it a candidate for transparent conducting electrodes #justsayin

the near-room temperature thermal conductivity of graphene was measured to be between (4.84±0.44) ×103 to (5.30±0.48) ×103 Wm−1K−1#funFacts

a 1 square meter graphene hammock would support a 4 kg cat but would weigh only as much as one of the cat’s whiskers #scienceSaturday

the Casimir effect is an interaction between any disjoint neutral bodies provoked by the fluctuations of the electrodynamical vacuum

still waiting for that better feeling to come around. still

pizza it is

1 hour till the faith hill show

i would of called a different play #justsayin

sure make the game interesting if all the players had halloween masks

guy selling hot dogs in the stand looks like he’s having fun #sitdowndumbass

siri – how’d that guy get in the open

unlike #sandy this game is not gong to be a brees

dude trying to get attention of someone named john sitting in section 3 seat 14. weird

oh seat 16 row 3. sorry



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