the Halloween matrix

the pubservation weekly for october 22nd to october 28th | 2012

scenario, yo
what are the mathematical odds that you will dress like this or that or what. will you dress like a pop culture figure or political fool. will we see you dressed as a famous icon from the past or a naughty figurine from the future. whatever your choice – there will be a little ghostly resemblance to your personal ghoul.

mixology psychology
what does your costume tell about yourself. i bet it explains a lot more than you care to share. vampire, werewolf and zombie would determine age. political and historical would also determine age. superheros – blah. what would the creative intelligent mind wear – odds are something very original.

the colder weather has moved into this neck of the woods and the entire cooking theme changes. the ingredients at the grocery store shift to the seasonal harvest vegetables. we chose between the soups, stews or the sunday roast. i had a craving for fish n’ chips the other day and @acmemeatmarket came through with fresh pickerel and lake trout for the weekend. the swedish chef was always a favorite costume.

sunday recipe #2 [click] #3 [click] #4 [click]

discovery channel has a new fishing show with former wrestler eric young called – off the hook. just imagine the jackass characters going fishing as opposed to the more adventurous river monster show. the television demographic matrix must explore equal sides to the fishing equation. viewers watch and advertisers pay the bills. the matrix of fishing methodology – hook, line and sinker.

social media is like a costume. read anyone’s description and you’ll have a pretty good idea who they are. the older we get the more references we accumulated to visualizing your profile. i find costumes are much the same. we could build a demographic matrix on who would wear what costume. ie: the naughty nurse, a twilight character, sports personality or maybe albert einstein.

weekly tweets #28 [click]

we all had those days or nights when you visit your friends down at some random watering-hole. the anticipation of the crazy conversations and stories awaiting to spook your interest. suddenly, without warning the random moody character appears – aaaaaaaaaagghg, nnnoooooooooo. so, i began thinking about having a company mask for these employees to wear on their moody days to help alert the customer or perhaps just a name tag – hi, i’m today’s moody matrix.

the two-face character on batman movies defines the true art of business. creative and counting – both have to work together. the successful artist has a business representative and the successful business has creative talent. money matrix is not scary when the two-faces agree. ask any restaurant owner and they will refer to the time of day, week, month and year by the numbers of the matrix.

what the hell
please introduce this animal. “this is a grey owl & they eat the mice in the province, we have 1000’s of these owls here.” oh, oh, oh, i have a question – what does it eat? #wth

does anybody have a big garage around here? “their garage next door is big enough to fit a yukon xl.” well, that’s not a suburban. #wth

go ahead line #3
the pickle that gets in the way of the pickle you had your eye on. what pickle did you take ..

the other table
so, how’s the food. “we’re just waiting for our utensils” #pubservation

she says … he says
i have selected some costumes for us to wear … [i’m gonna have to call you back]

blogging, yo
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