The Hollywood Vampire

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I am soooooo loving AMC’s original series The Walking Dead.  I started watching the first two seasons on Netflix last week on the recommendation of several friends.  How bad did I get hooked?  I saw all 19 episodes in six days – it’s that terrific.  The problem was  that, with the show’s imagery and material, I could only watch it after the Pieholes went to bed.  And I had to watch it on the TV in the basement.  So late at night, I had to go up two flights of stairs to go to bed.  In the dark. #scaredouttamygourd

So it only seems fitting that I do a special pre-Halloween post on Zombies.   Nope – been there, done that.  Instead, I want to call your attention to something equally as scary that truly does exist – vampires. There’s been a bunch of books, movies, and tv shows…

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