weekly tweets #27


so, for whatever reason i end up on a forum reading something and scroll down to read into a argument of tempers & language. delightful read

on that moment of no-particular we have embarked onto monty python’s argument critic skit.

philosophy time – consistency is your ability to be yourself so anything you do we see you. [the art of being creative]

odor emitting from the skunk works door

that viola feeling in a fiddle frame

sometime during the day i grabbed a vessel with invisible stickyness substance to compliment my concurrent pen and paper adhesion issues

i preceded to change the [AA] battery in the clock [b&w old school wall style] only to have second hand stick at 20 after. behind the times

little batteries. store power. things work.

you are science. your life is math. how you interact with the world is your algorithm

should probably start paying attention soon

you know. those things that matter. that

someone else. alternative perspective. summarize thoughts

i watching this show with smart geeks. i like it

look at the person beside you. assuming

be strapping on the feed bags shortly. here

gotta go. an eat work thing. let’s uncork later

say cheese

dirtie bikes racing the monster vegas. wake up the kids.

watching someone in a costume scaring the crap out of someone else wearing a costume. an unpredictable delight indeed

always bring several 3 masks to a party. when everyone gets a little tipsy. change masks. if you spill or break anything. change mask again

feather on end of stick. reach behind her back and brush her farthest shoulder. when she looks around, slip on mask. that’ll lighten her up

oh, i’m watching the game alright. i’m just not telling you. because you will tell someone else and then ..so [shhhhh] let it snow

wth was that. hold the friggen ball steady



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