sunday recipe #1

split pea

stock pot on stove top

chop some bacon and rendered fat to coat bottom of pot. don’t burn. you can add a little water during process to impede any scorching.

add mirepoix and render down until soft and translucent.

toss in a couple bay leaves, a few whole pepper corns and a smoked ham hock. fill with clear chilled water and slowly bring to boil on low heat.

allow a couple hours or more depending on quantity you are making. you are looking for the ham bone to separate completely from the meat. remove the bone from stock.

again depending on quantity of soup, you will add the split peas to pot and let simmer a few hours until the peas break down and soup starts to thicken.

slip out to your garden and clip some fresh thyme to add as a finishing touch. allow soup to simmer with thyme for 1/2 before serving.

[6 quart stock pot, 4 strips smoked bacon, 1 smoked ham hock, 2 cups of peas]


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