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the pubservation weekly for october 15th to october 121st | 2012

scenario, yo
when you love what you are doing, you really enjoy the days and nights working or not. there is nothing like spending some time with similar minds during work or after. like minds working towards the same goals. we have evolved into this social business networking lifestyle.

mixology psychology
turn off the technology and take a break with non-like minded folks – usually the family members. how about those public spaces where you go to relax and shortly fall into habit of discussing projects or weekly observations. oh, no i’m with the wrong crowd – where’s my technology? i need my social business networks lifestyle.

diners club
i went for a quick friday night bite – usual fare. it was all about the people and not the restaurant. but, i have heard some good stuff about Sabor Divino and right smack dab on the front page of website i see – sea bass, lobster, martini’s whiskey’s and wines. sounds like my kinda place. a website that sells, location and address clearly stated and reservation page. the wonders of social business networking.

fall is becoming less colorful. winter is starting to whiten. time to venture into the kitchen. the winter soup season is upon us. so, i dragged myself to the stove and did a split pea soup. [click] bought the ingredients for baked beans. will post next week.

before the social media empires began we actually went out to the favorite local pub and chatted in person. now we have these tweet-ups from pub to pub or office to pub or the mobile office. i always thought the novelty of visiting somewhere local would be a refreshing break from reality. but, there are times when you still want to associate with like minded folks even if you are not talking business. networking about recreating or the arts, politics, economy, environment, travel  .. anything that you have in common. the weather and sports always seems to dominate when common denominators don’t exist. oh, well that’s why everyone brings their smart phone with them – [hang on a second i have an important call] we have more in common with people we haven’t met.

weekly tweets #27 [click]

the debates are funnier than reality programming. you can’t fake dumb. reading the tweets from the political pundits are equal to the task as this weeks debate was even better. i wrote down some of the tweets from mitten supporters. wow, staggeringly humorous. watch snl & daily show for all the replays.

business is about being organized. i have no idea how some people get through the day without being organized. the messy house usually means you are organized at work and vice versa. i see it all the time when doing soho visits – but, that’s alright. because kids have more fun in a house were mom and dad aren’t telling them to stop having fun and clean things up. kids need to do kid type things – getting messy. the more organized you are the more you will be able to handle everything life throws at you. after all, cleaning up after the kids means more exercise for you.

classroom | chalkboard
secondary education helps define business organization. i remember getting used to the routine of high school than secondary education completely changed that. kids today are under the stress of secondary schooling because k12 and their parents didn’t prepare them. kids have to lay off the social media and pay attention to the educators. the educators must learn to be engage the students. share a life experience and cliff-hangers with every course subject and the kids will be lining up for your class. social business networking is about your story in the world.

healthy finesse
i read online that some dude was so proud that he was running in the same sneakers for over 1200 miles. dude buy some new one, already. running shoes are designed to break down. that break down process is what helps absorb the impact of your body weight pounding down on your heel. expect heel pressures from 1.5x to 3x your body weight. buy 2 pair of running shoes and alternate between them. allow them to dry and decompress before lacing them up again. shoes will break down after 300 to 400 miles depending on runner and terrain. don’t make the shoes your achilles heel.

we don’t give children the attention they need so we call it attention deficit disorder. the parents and teachers have ADD and are influencing their children. i can see this effect through the adults driving behavior. these weirdos drive bumper to bumper going as fast a possible between every corner and stoplight. without a vision of were you are going in life or on the road is instantly recognizable. truck drivers can see down the road and will drive accordingly. those truck drivers watch the daily commuters and know there is an accident waiting to happen. Hey! get off the phone when driving and pay attention and stop speeding. winter tires, yo

she says … he says
why are you in such a happy mood … oh! right. i forgot that i’m at home.

blogging, yo
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