weekly Tweets #26


top of the morning, y’all

her colours. he holds. their fall

i write. i create. i design. my own stuff. [the art of being creative]

people who make a living from being creative. people who make a living from creative people. being creative is original

flowers have earned the right to be taken out by mother nature’s white blanket and not by hand. which should be tomorrow

on the other hand. mother nature has done all she can for the tomatoes. i shall harvest

oohmp. [shhhh] here she comes

♫ oh my darling ♫ oh my darling ♫ oh my darling clementine ♫ .. you finish

you make dinner this time. i made it the last 3 years

2 minutes into the ride and you’re complaining. now you know why no one else volunteered to drive you. or do you even have a clue

who’s driving. “you are” then get your hands off the radio.

when i drive with you, i’m going to place a ‘distracted driver’ sticker on rear window and a ‘reason why’ arrow on your window. there

hey, the door is locked. “back door is open” [pointing]

yo, full scoops buddy

always feel like having something to eat after the old brush/floss

[psst] falling light dust of snow | patterns a colorful leaf quilt | stitched green grass show | a natural blanket built | our season begins

today i have rhyming timing. no good

today i’ll play it by ear. you know .. things i hear

you’re not trickin me lady. you’ll be pounding back that extra bag of treats way before pumpkin day

read + learn + process + combine + apply = design your own philosophy of living

you mean i have to actually win to make money. bleh. let’s just form a union

a motorsport concussion. interesting. not discussed much

as the coffee kicks in. i often think about the faces, voices, sounds, sights, fragrance of a place. sitting. sipping. i like that

for reason unknown i always give idea to people, then think i should do it, then rethink maybe they should, or perhaps .. that. now

the generation gap tweet of the day [magnum p.i.]

whoops, that was yesterdays generation gap tweet of the day. today is [miami vice] or [shoes without socks] your choice

i’ve decided that early U2 was very visual music. there. done

it’s weird that the baseball manager has to wear a uniform. what’s with manager. call the dude coach already. manager?

dress the dude in some proper attire and call him the head coach. flashy tie. sport jacket. get it .. sneakers are fine

guy on first base looks like he has a perm. they still do perms on people

i’m wearing a baseball glove

clip on beard. is that in. fashion or fad

wipe his hand. pull up pants. grope his crotch. adjust hat. twist ball. walk to mound

whew. that was a lot of work. [squirt water over face]

me and the neighbor dude have sign signals worked out for when the halloween rug rats are coming around the corner. like the big leagues

acclimatizing to barometric pressure and meteorological systems occurrences and then it warms up. that

[shhh] somethings wrong. i’ll stay in my corner for a while. radio on

the smell of pastry while sitting in a traffic jam has calming effect. mounted below police cameras at intersections. pâtisserie faux

completely annoyed by the continual disregard for traffic laws .. suddenly, a scent of freshly baked cinnamon buns. the pace corrects

stopped in a fume filled traffic jam, frustration builds until the cinnamon bun recipe is flashed on overhead highway sign. by officer’s mom

officer pulls you over and gives you a recipe to calm your soul. signs it. side note: rest 5 minutes before icing

i would not turn away a cinnamon bun as typed

nice cup of coffee and a piece of pastry. [that one right there, please] fall thing

[psst] one for her too

you gotta swing your hips now | come on baby, jump up, mmmmmm jump back – [that’ll stick with ya]

go ahead line #3. “why, yes. the generation gap tweet of the day is – grand funk railroad.” a cinnamon bun for you



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