fall from Space

the pubservation weekly for october 8th to october 14th | 2012

learn your math and science. the future of education is the future employment within the math and sciences. record books broken. text books rewritten. learn the basics and teach the facts, jack or fall from grace.

mixology psychology
scary smart this redbull stratos project. the suit and capsule was cool – get it, get it .. the heater wasn’t working, whatever. the thinkers deep in spacial thoughts. thoughts provoke thanks for caring to ask and answer. hoping for a soft landing this fall.

diners club
again with the wholesale foods chat. funny good people that group. i gave the basic ingredients to a drink. peopled seemed to like. i will post the whole recipe on this site soon. should probably do a video first or not. depends on how spacey i feel. [jack-o-lantern]

once again we have become witness to an online reach-out by a young person before tragedy strikes. bullying must stop. social media can be so much fun and do such wonderful things except when you hear of the terrible things people do online. once a week someone i know gets the barrels of a loose canon shooting off online. those adults are usually parents to the bullying kids in school, too.

weekly tweets #26 [click]

entrepreneur skills should be more than just duplicating another idea. i’m always looking for  original thinkers. your originality really cannot be duplicated and should be the marketing face and voice behind your brand. 80% of all business models are duplicates and the only way you can stand out, is if you stand up.

another tragedy overseas with a young life in hospital who was trying to bring neutral education to children. on the other hand you have information being pulled from text books because of special interest groups funding the education system through votes or capital. a definite fall from grace

chalkboard/classroom explained [click]

healthy finesse
some interesting news out of motorsports. dale earnhardt jr. has a concussion and will be out for quite some time. with helmet and the hans device most wouldn’t think about the head issues. but several conversations over the weekend really brought light to several past events with many drivers.

redbull stratos – felix did a high speed spin before recovering and again the issue of keeping blood pressure up and controlling internal temperatures so the blood doesn’t boil. scary space science. nice landing though.

just to busy this week to explain this new topic. more next week.

movie recommendation – to sir with love; starring sidney poitier. [1967] with the issues and and harm happening to the young people trying seeking a better life for everyone, please watch this again. [click]

she says … he says
you guys figure it out. when a celebrity endorses it and it’s available in my size and color, i’m interested. until then .. listening intently [stares up to space while raking the leaves]

blogging, yo
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