weekly Tweets #25


win on sunday. sell on monday

unceremoniously celebrated conclusive uncertainty

a deflection mirrored the illusion of optics onto itself [what the ..]

i prefer my boils rolling [that sounds terrible]

lifting the papers weight off the desk lightens the load off my mind .. or something like that

wool socks. i like this

nylon doesn’t have the same cachet. silk is a good word though

what do you have that is nylon smooth. sorry we only have the silky smooth

how would you like your milkshake. nylon smooth would be fine

ooh, that engine sounds good. that’s right .. nylony smooth. synthetic oil

[online gaming] twitter hide & seek. a game i don’t enjoy. tactics i don’t employ. – i like this.

the weight on your shoulders in more likely in your head. physical will not lift all. you must use words. you must communicate. we’ll help

i keep seeing & hearing people getting fitter & fitter on the outside. but, it’s their inside that needs the strength. i won’t give up

wholistic health begins in the brain. exercise your cerebral inputs [the art of being creative]

a masterpiece is created by clearing negatives through perseverance, not by accumulating positives through praise

you have to bake the cake before you can ice it. i suggest using the best ingredients possible. then you enjoy. share is best #wordgift

did you know that your reaction to words and phrases is a direct result of where you have been and are today. memory journey as mapped

walking into the art gallery and be shocked by something so different. you walk away. you return to resolve. you leave thinking. i like that

my notes: you can always tell when someone went golfing because their golf clothes are nicer than their business clothes. sign of the times

my notes: sometimes a person enters your life so you can both work out the details on parallel paths. that’s interesting too

as an artist i learned to never draw on a conclusion. instead you start on a new canvas with lessons learned

an artist envisions a different you than what your inner mirror reflects

i have a pile of small, medium, large stickies on the floor. some graph paper & foolscap. remember foolscap. right there [whistle]

a self portrait is always the hardest to paint until one day .. you know yourself

creativity has no limits. but, tonight the crazy train has come to it’s final stop. leave your baggage. thanks for riding along. #wordgift

new canvas day

weeks into months. trying to get near. strategy. shuffling. suddenly rain. everyone scrambles for shelter. she sits beside you. i like that

tomato watch season

this debate is like going to a restaurant with your rich uncle, while you have to stick to priced specials. what are you having #debate

at the half way point they should of played musical chairs with jim lehrer. whoops jimbo #debate

it all starts with 1 or 2 frosts then freezing rain followed by accumulating snow [shoveling required] and those temp to match.

to early to tell if the flowers are just frozen open or they survived mercury dip

you don’t have to the be the smartest smuck in the room to make money. you just need a bunch of smucks to buy into your smuck

this time friday would be ideal. you know

flowers in front have pretty much shut down for the year

vacation in space, yes. however, i am not doing the float around thing. someone get that gravity dealy figured

little people rely on big people

hodnodding happy hour hobbits

more holidays should be held on wednesday. leave weekends to work or play. nice little breaky at the 1/2 way struggle would please .. no

nice fall day. raking leaves, empty flower pots and pulling plants that won’t last. kinda sad they say. another summer has past



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