the weekly busyness explained:

i started this blog to share my weekly observations from the business community. my initial intention was to stay on topics relevant to the food & beverage industry. i’am sure you have noticed the amount of bloggers reviewing and discussing the industry online. so, i decided a couple of months ago to virtual voice my business observations. i will try to keep away from the usual business fare. so, there you have it .. busyness

social media has become big business and the driving influence in many other businesses. within weeks of new social media platforms releasing, a self-proclaimed expert will guide you along the corridors of success. years ago the public had limited knowledge about most business activities around world today unless they were in that related business. social media has put a magnifying glass on business for both good and bad outcomes.

anyone who is in business will understand the food chain effect from owner to employee to the patron who keeps you in business. we are in a global marketplace and your business savvy will be recorded and sadly duplicated many times over – through socializing. the evils of social media allows business trolls to search for creative ideas online and set-up shop.

the busy body and the lazy business people who are simply using social media to steal ideas and re-market them to another demographic. warning: to businesses – be aware when preparing your fresh ideas for the world to praise, you are also feeding your future prey. business must be savvy to the exploits of social media platforms and control their own destiny online.

the busyness of online.


next week we’ll explain chalkboard/classroom


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