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the pubservation weekly for october 1st to october 7th | 2012

it didn’t take long for people to create business from socializing. those few who have decided to hang expert socializer on their door. i guess we have to expect it when the valuation of social media companies skyrocket out of control. following every new format is the new format experts. seems kinda fast even for the business of socializing.

mixology psychology
taking or talking your business online to market or allow the public to socialize on your behave. social media has it’s merits both good and bad. too much talk or not enough talk. the experts will tell you how to socialize based on months of actual research vs years of research. best solution is to have your customers ask questions and you answer them. socialize with prize.

diners club
knowing that we were heading into thanksgiving this weekend takes its toll on some food and beverage outlets. i was drinking pumpkin everything even before the weekend. socializing online about coffee shops delights and pastry treats all week. someone mentioned pumpkin beer. the pumpkin carving began. seemed like years ago thanksgiving was celebrated on the one day instead of all weekend and with every food outlet, coffee shop and deli. thanks to the business of socializing.

heading into halloween with this instagram craze should be interesting. last year i was captured in just about every second family portrait of families i didn’t even know. [smile for the camera]. so, this will make the costume companies busier because you have to look good if you are going to be on camera. when digital camera started to hit it’s compact stride – people were shying away from being candid. take a bite out of your halloween apple.

weekly tweets #25 [click]

we need to establish a common ground when it comes to business language online. we usually don’t have the problems with the spelling because we have no choice in many cases. it’s the whisky or whiskey debate. we are socializing online and converting the conversations into the business. should we standardize or is acronyms going to solve that.

the topic of busyness explained [click]

i wrote – the zero degree – on the dfmw blog [the art of being creative].  we need a neutral education standard from primary to secondary schools. schools are increasingly influenced by external sources within the community or perhaps at a federal level. nations and regions within nations are removing context and content from textbooks and reference books throughout libraries and school boards. the business of socializing becomes easier when we are on the same page.

the zero degree [click]

next week i’ll explain more about adding this topic

no movies to suggest this week. but i wrote a couple little ditties that came to mind over on weirdly written blog.

remember your .. [click]

she says .. he says
what are you thankful for this thanksgiving .. you

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