weekly Tweets #24


and that is exactly why i’m not going in that direction. you keep going though

the direction of what if as taken

a safe passage provides a mysterious island delight

wetting the whistle with words of wonder

oh, no i still have some left in the cup .. sure warm it up

a week of business & athletic garb complete. she chose a bohemian free-spirit motif for the weekend. creating ideas

maybe you don’t have to walk in someone’s shoes. maybe you just have to dig deeper in your closet of life.

nope, those are the other people. pllllease

there. that should hold ya

perhaps flowers and chocolates would do. but for who

reaching down. lifting up. holding tight. tears dry. love

it’s only a game people. a friggen game

it’s just that some days i experience levels of dumb that even the dumb meter can’t register. so i post and i post and i post. like today

qu’est-ce que c est, this wavering thing.

stuck on title. just call it ‘stuck on title’ why didn’t i think .. nevermind

listen you. just because. doesn’t mean

the passive mouthpiece

the natural sweet taste of success

link link link link copy paste copy paste save as save as resize. delete. redue

all the problems in the world are caused by people. all the problems in the world can be corrected by people.

oh, the things i say. it makes them think everyday.

the ups and downs level life [whistle and a finger point]

.. not a mind reader over here

nope nope nope .. nope nope, never. no and no. of course not. not now. not then. well? .. nope, k

the artichoke heart buddy. the heart. only the heart. not the outside stuff that you chew on forever while looking for a napkin stuff.

well that’s an interesting leaf. i bet the root is delicious. pull it out. quick squeeze those olives. [early food recipes]

since when is crime and pollution progress.

the erasing from the list. what begins with much promise. completion has answered

those who think themselves bright. although not emitting any light [click]

as recorded your record will never end. our memory tracks

one 1960’s volkswagon. one song. one flower. once a day. [my peace plan]

remember. ask don’t take. you’d be surprised what people will do for you.

weirdlies to the left. weirdlies to the right. i’m back in the middle with you. lets have some fun, shall we ..

captain kangaroo don’t tell me there’s nothing to do ..

a beautiful day in the neighborhood. a beautiful day in the neighborhood. could you be mine. would you be mine.

one 1960’s volkswagon. one song. one flower. once a day. one day. perhaps

when two makes one. less becomes more. we care together.

within the realm of imagination, she reigns

i have small stickies to remind me of big stickies. that is all

in twenty years for now when you show your photos to someone they’ll wonder why they look like 1970’s.

perhaps the value of an original 1970’s photo album has increased in value.

if i had a chance to relive some things over again, i probably wouldn’t. i would take the advice given. my advice. listen to advice.

flying in a open cockpit biplane over the fall colours would be very cool. good photo book idea. plain scenes. get it .. whatever



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