the weekly publitics explained:

read away folks, you will love this way with words. a very funny idea and named quite appropriately i might add. while working in the industry we would have the odd staff members that wouldn’t work together for some reason or another. [psst] – i explain it in the next paragraph. clearly, with that level of stupidity follows the humor of politics and pubs – hence, publitics.

remember those days when you couldn’t wait to get out of high school and join the adult world. register for college and get the new part-time job at the local watering hole. then you notice that one gal who doesn’t want to teach the other gal how the dishwasher works. so you ask – [psst] what’s the deal with those two – “they both like the same guy.” so, customers can’t get clean glasses because of this .. plllllease. the adult collective has embraced us with time and now the term publitics is used to discuss real politics at the pub.

it was your idea to run for public office, so what’s your problem. you just got elected. this is when the public can poke fun at the issues and the people behind them. you are now a public official and our employee. do something weird or dumb and we – the adult collective – will be all over the situation like fly on paper. if not the public than it will be the media, and it’s not your choice. ahh, public service.

well, that is the definition of politics and working in public office. social media and traditional media following your every move, everyday watching what you say. it was you that decided on running and it was dumb us who voted you in. technically we’re in the same boat together, floating or not. before we stop the leak we always have time to poke a few more small holes. public mockery down at the local pub with pint in hand. with a celebratory glass raised we discuss  .. publitics.


next week we’ll explain busyness


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