Fall schedule programming

the pubservation weekly for september 24th to september 30th | 2012

stumbling into the month of september. i was preparing to be unprepared. weather initiates the seasonal changes, followed by an event. back to school, back to cooler clothes, back to back games, back work, back to fall schedule programming.

mixology psychology
this is a good time to flush the cache. reboot the memory banks. begin new thoughts and see who follows. stop pretending every color, shape, text, lyric, gesture is related to you. the world is a big place and lots of people like the same things you do. share the remote to life this fall season and embrace your similarities.

diners club
wine world. first thing is first – food before grapes. the grape producers think they have the market on produce production in british columbia. interesting that the original property owners wish they never sold land if they knew it was going to be broken up into small hobby plots. wells drilled and trees removed for roadways and infrastructure takes toll on the natural habitat and drainage. the large producers of grape, fruit, vegetable or crop unfortunately have to absorb the problem. anyhoo .. more to discuss later so back to regularly scheduled programming.

i have the bad habit of using social media [twitter] to immediately jot down some ideas or words of ideas. i read them back and on occasion continue the random thought process into a short prose. the unfortunate situation with publicly expressing ideas is the trolls looking for … well idea. i continually receive notes from folks who have spotted my recent wording. we certainly live in a world of followers. i will resort to random humor for no-particular rather than some philosophical rambling this fall schedule.

[psst] we have to schedule our schedules, you know.

weekly tweets #24 [click]

syria what is your problem. the middle east is a mess. you are born where you are born. i can’t believe parents teach their children to dislike other nations. i would hope the next generation of youth will try to make peace with people and the world so we can collectively move on to more pressing matters. food shortages, air pollution, water pollution, medicines, cure for disease, deforestation, the rivers, lakes and oceans, education, alternative energy … stop recycling bad politics and start some new alternative programming.

publitics explained [click]

basic business #101. any city would want a professional sports franchise and would do anything to build the finest facility possible. so, when a proposal came through this city years back – only the nhl, the players, the team franchise, the mayor, a couple councilors, a few big business execs immediately said “it makes sense”. the balance of the town said lets renovate a 40 year old building, build out of town or do nothing. toss in a misinformed media jumping on any content to stir the masses and you end up with the corundum we have now.

cities compete against cities for projects. this is a world economy. when you have the opportunity to improve your city you build the best possible facility money can buy. because the next facilities will be better and compete for your business share.

next week i vent about the car race series. actually i have a update in the motorworkx blog. link down below.

healthy finesse
why are people buying bulk foods? are you really saving that much? because i don’t think so. you can buy bulk directly from a farmers market if you need such quantities. how big is your freezer or how many do you have? consider buying frozen bulk vs buying fresh to freeze. learn to prepare your own cuts from larger cuts. it’s soup season – do you know how to make several soups from stock. maybe it’s time to schedule some fall cooking courses.

run lola run – [1998] franka potente – she was the girl driving the mini in the bourne identity movie. they made plenty of movies with big name actors after this movie came out. none were as good. to be original is best.

she says … he says
that sound delicious, we’ll come over … ha ha, no

blogging, yo
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