Weekly Cocktail #30: The Derby

that’s a good one

Putney Farm

When we look around our bar, it doesn’t take long for us to see that bourbon is sometimes a neglected spirit. We often prefer rye whiskey in many classic cocktails and when reworking old recipes tend to look to Cognac or Armagnac. But that doesn’t mean we dislike bourbon, we just usually drink it neat, on the rocks or in Mint Juleps when spring comes around. But part of why we write about our explorations in cocktails is to expand our tastes, so this week we took another look at bourbon.

And it didn’t take us long to find the Derby. The Derby combines bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange Curacao and lime juice. We were attracted to this drink both because it uses common ingredients (like the Scofflaw), but features the uncommon mix of lime and whiskey (like the Junior). And, finally, a little research from Ted Haigh noted…

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