weekly Tweets #23


ever just finish eating lunch and someone calls to say “hey, i’m buying” … and you go

if we remove unions, we would remove 50% of the annual inflation that unions want for cost of living increases. dichotomy of economy

she’s a cheese maker and farmer. also a vintner/winemaker. neat

A3: pan seared fish over assorted seasonal sliced veggies. lemon oil capers drizzle over. #fitstudio

hoakie doakie. hunky punky. slowkie pokie … hellooooo dolly

musical, literary, and artistic works, discoveries, inventions, words, phrases, symbols, and designs = intellectual property law [p-word]

poetic plagiarism is copyright infringement [p-word]

music to the ears is poetic justice [p-word]

peeps pointing perfidious people’s product placements [p-word]

we have a lot of messy people in this town, no

interview questions updated to include: have you ever dressed your pet up in people clothing, applied makeup or jewellery to the animal

humans. are you being ..

thinking about touching base. the fridge of life that is. pre-made. not discarded. perhaps leftover. you know .. food

wack-hoodity. that should be a word. it has all things you need in a word. letters. hyphen. meaningless. things like that ..

when the complexity of energy unites the collective. a cerebral celebrate concludes ..

interesting about tonight is that all the tweets are from people i’m obviously following but have never seen them tweet before ..

by all means you just sit back. i go crazy by myself ..

seems i ate the leftovers last night.

i found food

sometimes people mention things that trigger memories that .. [deep breath] i remember them

working night. eating wrong hours. weekends of course. makes for complete friggen backwards lifestyle. no good. my life

it’s that first unexpected connection you make that still sticks in your head despite the ongoing new connections being made [time resolves]

a judo chop chop chop. that is it

banana fana fo fana. fee fi fo fana. banana. [yep, i know .. weird]

pizza on my mind, here



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