the Replacement killers

pubservation weekly for september 17th to september 23rd | 2012

scenario, yo
late this week because of some replacement ideas. last minute things the needed doing not of my doing. it was easier to replace than to fix. however, that doesn’t seem the case with some issues. the replacements are killing the issues.

mixology psychology
if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. unless you know the whole of the matter then don’t chime in. there is always reason for something or at least you must assume until you know the facts. speaking out of turn, raising your voice to prove a point you know nothing about. you may be replaced.

diners club
use fresh ingredients and the process is fast and delicious. i mentioned the other night during a whole foods chat about a fast dinner method. i will not explain my theory on how and why but needless to say i have about 10 or so stand-by dishes depending on ingredients available – a meal can be made quickly. i will also say that frozen vegetables are in the freezer along with a few other … you probably have the same stuff.

next week i will go off on a wine world tangent. also some big booze outlets moving into the neighbourhood.

this week i explained the what-up of sociable [click]

weekly tweets #23 [click]

heathly finesse
i’m one of those people who like to keep trying new sports or physical activities. i also tend to forget some of the great sports that i have done before. after you discard some of the equipment the activity becomes discarded as well. i live in 4 seasons and they are full 4 seasons given the seasons .. whatever.  except over the past few years the weather kinda messes things up. i’m always looking over several thousand dollars of gear growing stale like last weeks smart phone. i also lived in warmer climates where i just had different gear growing stale. i lack sport attention span.

i like this world blue project. turn a part of the pacific ocean into a marine park. it will be the size of the moon. if snow and actual winter weather arrives this year i will probably do more cross-country skiing and skate skiing. i wouldn’t mind getting the cardio going outside other than running on ice and snow. anything i do outdoors will soon be documented on the crisp clean clear website.

bike ride
nothing this week. i shouldn’t say that. i had a great ride the other day the someone who wanted a different fitness routine. i had a moment at a light and noticed the fitness had indeed paid off. the boys in the convertible where quite smitten by her .. next week.

also, the warm weather and clean roads are bring down riders and bringing up the speeding. you are not replaceable people. speed kills.

the petrified forest – bette davis, leslie howard, humphrey bogart. 1936 b&w. however it is a delightful little ditty. watch original movies to get original ideas.

weirdly written [click]

she says … he says
did you fill my car up … [pause] i was driving my car

blogging, yo
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