explained as best possible.

this is real simple folks. back in the day – those college days – we would head out to the local and have a few with the boys and girls. about that time someone would shout sociable and raise their mug, glass or whatever. eventually the entire establishment would do the same. entertainers would shout sociable into the microphone as would the bartenders and managers. sociable was born. it was that simple

keeping with the simple theme we eventually would head out of town to the cabin during summer or the mountains during winter for some recreate. the mighty sociable did indeed follow us where ever we roamed. it was our generation thingy thing to do. when someone says sociable in the pub we immediately look around for people are age. surprisingly we will see the younger folks participating in this fine historical pub call. i like traditions that carry on.

the modern twist on sociable for the pubservation began with sitting down at the local one night and one of the staff grabbed the microphone and shouted sociable. the customers raised their glasses throughout the entire pub and yelled sociable back. i then noticed customers raising their cell phones to record the activity. soon the connectivity of peer to peer began.

social media became the new sociable. the shout out of sociable became the calling card to capture the moment and share with those connected. i didn’t tell anyone of this wonderous moment until .. well, your reading it.

anywhoo, we also discuss the what’s-up in the social media world of technology. the people behind the business and the business behind the platforms. all in a very light sociable way. SOCIABLE [glass raised]


next week we explain publitics


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