wild western weekly

the pubservation weekly for september 10th to september 16th | 2012

weekly scenario
definitely a western theme this week. couple horse events. the doctor who saddled up. fashion out west. iron horse charity runs. korean gangsta cowboy dance on snl. concerts, boxing, runaway unions add up for a wild western weekly.

mixology psychology
when in the west do as the westerners do. saddle up and ride along. city fitness people aren’t very wild. you have to have a little country in ya to be able to travel and truly enjoy your surroundings. want to see the best part of any country starts in the wilds of any country.

diners club
this week you can read about my idea behind the diners club topic. anyhoo .. food trucks offer the best quality and value. custom designed vehicles serving fresh ingredients by the owner/operator. keeping pace of non-stop action during lunch or dinner breaks is staggering. stand alone restaurants and fast food outlets can’t match the product. enjoyed in the outdoors like a cattle drive cowgirl or cowboy … wildly western, indeed.

diners club defined [click]

have you noticed the trend for mass media outlets to wrangle ideas from the creative free spirits publishing on the open range. newspapers are reformatted to resemble websites and blogs. the radio stations deflect listeners from their web content. television has started to copy the theme based websites for audience ratings. i tweet directly to media folks about original ideas. television has to realize that visual personality is the only thing that separates them. everyone is reporting on the same thing – add some wild western attitude.

weekly tweets #22 [click]

one of the greats from any political background has moved on. premier peter lougheed aka the blue eyed shiek.  mr. lougheed brought prosperity and honesty to politics and to alberta. the modern parties of today haven’t held up. he kept us wild and western on the political frontier. he will be missed ..

nothing screams dumb than dumb people telling billionaires how to run their business. owning a sports franchise for the benefit of keeping the local community team intact has turned into big business. you can thank the players salaries for your inflated ticket prices. now comes the time for owners to actually make the dollars work. players salaries have turned sport ownership into a business. no more tax right-offs and freebees it’s time to balance the books. there is no risk in cashing a cheque – but, there is risk for those who sign the cheques.  unions are driving the inflation costs like running buffalo off a cliff for two hides and a burger.

union athletes whining about million dollar salaries while olympic athletes sell-off personal belonging in order to compete overseas. i will never help fund a union based sport. athletes that never spent anytime in front of the school chalkboard aspiring to sit in front of the play by play whiteboard. only the smartest survived in the wild west.

healthy finesse
everybody knows that the cowboy and cowgirl are the strongest athletes pound per pound. i was reminded the other day while on horseback with out saddle and the horse did a slit second slip and slide. i was instantly shook from one side to the other by a 1400lb animal. i adjusted instantly and continued riding. you cannot duplicate that indoors. get outside people and play with your kids – giddy-up.

western canada fashion week has began. new york launched their shows a week ago – paris, milan and london next. i have a couple fashionable items to design this fall. however, do to the high troll robbers,  i shall refrain from making any fashionable statements.

good bargain to be had if you don’t want to go where the travelers go. the big cities have two seasons – tourist and traveler. why is it more expensive during traveler season. traveler season is fall and spring for those of you alien cowboys and cowgirls. of course you could just buy a dirt cheap home in america’s wild west of texas and arizona.

bike ride
let me just say that all the kids in the neighborhood are now bike riders. the whole push and shove sans training wheels took place this august. riding a bike is important for kids to learn balance and coordination. also helps when they go for the drivers license.

have you ever driven behind a girl who never learned to ride a bike or walked to school. they just pin the gas pedal and point the car until they need to turn or stop. they fly through construction zones and wonder why everybody is driving … well, legally. oh, and i almost forgot – they will tweet their displeasure while driving. yet, cowgirls have it figured out.

the iron horses were out on the weekend raising money again. i added beltdrivebetty.com to the motorcycle links.

the man from snowy river. great story. the best horsemanship of any movie, especially towards the end. australian flick with kirk douglas playing two roles.

she says … he says
you are either going to know the answer or not … [what – puzzled stare at camera]

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