weekly Tweets #22


oh the sky is blue. yes the sun is shining through. walk outside without some shoe. freeze your butt, who knew. our fall

stupid [stoo-pid] one team lacking ordinary keenness of play. origin: 09.08.2011 < Latin stupidus > @cfl_esks loss vs @calstampeders #cfl

i’m not ignoring you, i’m just getting cheese for your whine

it’s astounding; time is fleeting; madness takes its toll. but listen closely…

i like building a mystery. providing little tidbits of unordered thoughts. the order is determined by your response. solution is individual

use an opening statement where the reaction is almost certain. yet, completely misguided. they want to follow and know why you did/said that

looks like rain. indoors now. time to finish some stuff and tweet along the way. perhaps a whistle or two [whistle]

all messed up here. back later. no good

chek chek checking in [go ahead line 3] normal is for everybody else. days like today, i wish i was everybody else.

oh, and and and one more thing. when they are holding back a smile, their eyes brighten. i like that

a sitting on tractor listening to radio sipping from a thermos and nibbling from the brown paper lunch bag type of day [room for two]

better now. better later. better tomorrow

things aren’t done yet. be back later

a couple kinks in the system to iron out. but, things will self sort. move. eat. sleep. you know .. life stuff

it seems that all cards are in the deck today.

fairly good size stack of refuse piling up here. getting through though

eliminating establishes equilibrium

people are people so why should it be; you and I should get along so awfully. [boom boom boom] depeche mode

evidently the light at the end of the tunnel was just a corner beacon

getting away from it all would be lovely. staying there would be brilliant .. and the beat goes on

walk into a coffee shop one morning and the barista hands over a freshly poured pint saying “i think you ordered this” kinda week

hello dolly

note: it’s so nice to have you back where you belong

if you can build something together. you have a foundation

.. ever retweeted something about correct posture while laying down

.. right down a salad recipe while eating snacky things

that would be write down. or left down ..anyhooo

.. ever forward a song that was in your head only to listen to lyrics closer and scream ..nooooooooo [delete delete delete] don’t go

the garden of sound. man with spoon

life is not a philosophy but a fact of ..

there’s a theme. i feel it surround. i’m patient

run. bike. golf. garden. write. photograph. edit. publish. and led zeppelin

tip toe tip toe into the room i go. checking on you so ..

dr. who? oh, you mean the doctor. doctor who. get comfy. let’s watch together

cowboys & aliens cliche segue. oh, mercy me this town of #doctorwho



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  2. Charlton Estate Trust says:

    Good fun to read!

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