diners club

the diners club explained:

the whole idea behind starting this blog was to write about my weekly activities and thoughts with a pub theme. eventually, i added a few personality layers from past experiences working in the hospitality and retail industries.

the bottom line was that i had no intention of writing reviews about food or restaurants. until a thought came to mind while sitting down and enjoying a beverage during my weekly note taking. i began to notice some glaring mistakes in the industry.

the food network has contributed to the industry growth and decline of both online and offline attributes.  the lack of originality, creativity, substance, consistency .. etc, etc, etc. anthony bourdain launched a food & travel revolution that social media has magnified. for the most part the public is suffering the fruits of his labor.

the dichotomy to this industry is the staffing. the industry is operated by those few committed and career orientated individuals mixed with quantities of the zero experience individuals. a very confused infusion restaurant theme, indeed.

today, i have not found anything for me to review food and beverage wise. what i did find was the lack of systems, controls, training, originality and design creativity. but, i don’t want to complain about the server who cannot make a martini or doesn’t know how to pair wine with food.

so, i decided to save my reviews to those who are truly unique or just really well done, or both.


next week we will define the sociable


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