weekly Tweets #21


long weekend beer. long beer weekend. weekend long beer. weekend beer long. beer long weekend. beer weekend long. [the six pack]

no sense hiding if no ones seeking, junior [your it] .. fools them everytime

sometimes romance. sometimes comedy. sometimes drama. [love hat trick]

always inquisitive. always question. always collaborate. [education hat trick]

score. three. goals. [sport hat trick]

intelligent. articulate. real. #MichelleObama

i hope we start charging quebec rent

looked like a superhero outfit to me ..

excuse me “where’s the quandary” 3rd door down ” thankyou”

free flowing feelings form fresh functional foundations [f-word]

well rain puts a damper on things outdoor

it’s like swimming, only your walking with your clothes on

here’s the dealy bubba. if we let you come to work in a housecoat and balaclava we’d have to let everybody do the same. slippers are fine

evidently, the hip hopping hippopotamus happily hopscotched home [h-word]

hip hopping giants got lassoed at home hopscotch. no doubt

neighbor is testing out his new hammer

the caring of the lawn shall commence with atypical celebratory clipping

our selected implement shall shear precision manicure on our bordering turfs

lamp in kitchen. late nite/early morn note taking sessions. [click] always a nice design detail .. pencils too

well .. it could be better

better to the point you have some left over for another day .. better

a little better is better than no better .. better appreciate what you have

anyhooo .. i’m going to find a dream and immerse myself for a few hours. we’ll share details tomorrow. or not .. whatever



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