Note: to self

pubservation weekly sept 3rd to sept 9th | 2012

building my calendar for next year’s events. i took in much of the local festivities this year. most of the festivals have been around for 20 years or more. not much has changed when you go visit them other than a new vendor or two. so … note to self.

mixology psychology
everything starts on a clean slate or blank piece of paper. it doesn’t take long before i’m doodling and dabbling all over the page. most noteworthy items are marginal at best.

note: thank goodness for good penmanship

mixology psychology explained [click]

diners club
the food truck event downtown. for those folks working or just paying bills at lunch – nice food option. each truck was parked about 50 feet apart and had at least 50 people standing in each line-up. i’m just assuming that the coffee houses and cafe’s will soon have their own trucks.

sandwich recipe #1 [click] #2 [click]

note: must buy coffee stocks

according to klout i was an expert at dolls and then suddenly no longer. i tried to fix the situation so we’ll see the status this week. i think i will try sweet tweet, sweatheart and princess next … king, queen, jack, joker – [what].

note: what do dolls like  ..

weekly tweets #21 [click]

i have been designing some new product to sell online and at various retailers. this will also include some branded propaganda mdse. shipping fees should be interesting as well as storage for stock. distribution networks for north america – there’s a solution for someone to work on. warehousing for small business ecommerce and social media brands … interesting

note: pre-order tee-shirts and aluminum stock

when parents are reading, writing and organizing around the house, the kids will notice. the kids will teach their kids the same. education starts at home. learn to read and write before matching belt and boots.

note: need new belt and boots

the results of the creatives are hitting the new york runways as we type. this should be all over the news. social media is all over the #trends – [what]. so,  TIFF or toronto international  film festival for anyone interested is on all this week.

note: wouldn’t mind a new leather jacket and sports coat as well

healthy finesse
run and ride. should probably do some more swim time. however, sitting poolside is very comfortable. winter is a good time to start. one blooger keeps reminding me when she goes swimming, yeah, yeah, yeah.

note: must find a poolgirl no poollady or poolwomen .. whatever

explore outdoors
get outside while the getting is good. people living in non-winter climates who aren’t getting outside, no good. get your vitamin D naturally.

note: i like this playground video [click]

if you can’t go far for a trip then do a stay vacay especially with the kids. kids need to now about their surroundings and there really is only about ten good years of traveling. once the teenage years kick in, trips are done like dinner.

note: let’s go camping

bike ride
i’m going for a neighborhood tour the other day with my old 14spd road bike. dude walking dog hears me coming over bridge and turns around. ” hey, i haven’t seen an old road bike in years – looks great” made my day.

note: must ride old bike more

mr. blanding builds his dream house
cary grant | myrna loy

she says … he says
why didn’t you remind me of that … you wrote it down

for the bike compliment. those people who pay attention. people who say no problem, it all works out in the end. those people who take what you say as personal and keep it to themselves – they’re the best.

moral of
chalk-a-block full of modern technology and i’m still taking notes. the artist effect is guess. i like the idea that i can still hand write a note to someone – a future idea to reflect.

note: maybe i’ll write a handwritten note to ..

blogging, yo
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