mixology psychology

defining my pubservation weekly thoughts into words.

i have been both bartender and jeweller. i have learned to listen and then ask the timely questions in order to resolve the customers needs. that information obtained has been kept between me and the customer until this day and will continue to be private. i learned to establish a level of confidentiality between me and the customer. just like any other professional capacity ranging from the doctors office to lawyer, you earn respect by giving respect.

the doctor’s office is supposed to be the secret sanctuary between patient and physician. however, you have to get by the talkative front line before entertaining your privacy privilege. the law office or accounting office’s are much the same. trying to find the practice of ethics in the work place is becoming increasingly more difficult. acting on social media does not help the privacy acts.

i limit what i say and text or talk about on purpose. i spend more time having fun on social media than trying to promote a book or website. i guess you could say i’m indirectly promoting the real me and not who i want you to think i am. yes, i’m weird that way.

so, throughout the week of listening, reading and observing the world around me i resolve to conclusion some ridiculous philosophical theorem just like i did when i was a bartender. the title represents a sum-all of the week. as the scenario is a written summary, the mixology psychology is the philosophy that will playfully answer the pubservation topics below as you continue reading. basically, it’s me in a nutshell as a nutcase.


next week we will defined the diners club


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